Machine Games, the devel­op­ers behind Wolfen­stein, are work­ing on a new Indi­ana Jones game and is being pub­lished by Bethes­da. The announce­ment came by way of a teas­er video post­ed by Bethes­da. The game will tell an orig­i­nal, stand­alone sto­ry which focus­es on Indi­ana Jones himself.

No fur­ther details about the game were giv­en, with Bethes­da stat­ing the stu­dio will be quite for some time before more details will be released. You can check out the teas­er below:

A new Indi­ana Jones game with an orig­i­nal sto­ry is in devel­op­ment from our stu­dio, Machine Games, and will be exec­u­tive pro­duced by Todd Howard, in col­lab­o­ra­tion with Lucas­film Games,” Bethes­da said in its announce­ment. “It’ll be some time before we have more to reveal, but we’re very excit­ed to share today’s news!”

In their own state­ment, Dis­ney added that, “The game will tell a whol­ly orig­i­nal, stand­alone tale set at the height of the famed adven­tur­er.” The announce­ment come just days after Dis­ney announced Lucas­film Games, the new catch-all name for Dis­ney’s efforts with­in the gam­ing uni­verse through Lucas­film properties.

This new Indi­ana Jones game will be owned by Microsoft, as the com­pa­ny recent­ly revealed their inten­tions to pur­chase Bethes­da and par­ent com­pa­ny Zen­i­Max for $7.5 bil­lion. Since devel­op­ment on the Indi­ana Jones game is just begin­ning, there is no word yet if it will be an Xbox exclusive.