New Hot Fix Live For Call Of Duty WWII

Sledge­ham­mer Games has released an new hot fix for Call Of Duty WWII. This hot fix will be applied to Call Of Duty WWII auto­mat­i­cal­ly when you start WWII up. The ITRA burst rifle has received a few nerfs and the Gewehr 43 gets some love with a fire rate buff. Just out the full list of changes below.


  • Pushed through a Phase 1 fix for issue where after a Grand Mas­ter Pres­tige Lev­el 1000 play­er gets a kill, the whole lob­by expe­ri­ences drop in FPS. We will mon­i­tor and assess if a Phase 2 fix is required.


ITRA Burst

  • Burst cool down nerf
  • Very slight fire rate nerf
  • Advanced Rifling attach­ment nerf (spe­cif­ic to ITRA Burst)
  • Very slight ADS re-cen­ter time nerf

The data we gath­ered since the ITRA Burst’s release has shown that this weapon is out-per­form­ing the design intent. The weapon is meant to per­form based off the play­ers abil­i­ty to be accu­rate with every shot, and be penal­ized with miss­es. With the weapon’s cur­rent tun­ing, the data sug­gests that the weapon’s penal­ty for miss­ing isn’t great enough, giv­en its pow­er and dam­age poten­tial. We have worked on test­ing the above changes for the last week to try and find a good spot that still allows this weapon to thrive and be pow­er­ful, while not giv­ing play­ers the room for error that they have been giv­en pri­or to these changes.

Gewehr 43

  • Fire rate buff

Con­trary to the ITRA Burst, the Gewehr 43’s data has led us to con­clude that this weapon is too dif­fi­cult to use in com­par­i­son to its dam­age poten­tial. This change should allow play­ers a strong abil­i­ty to sling shots rapid­ly and make bet­ter use of the dead­ly accu­ra­cy this weapon pro­vides with a slight­ly high­er dam­age poten­tial with the increased fire rate.


  • Slight ADS tran­si­tion time nerf
  • Slight ADS tran­si­tion time from sprint nerf

The BAR has seen a resur­gence in the META since the Divi­sion changes; more specif­i­cal­ly, the Infantry Divi­sion change that reduces the ADS idle sway. This is a tun­ing para­me­ter for the BAR, as it effects the weapon’s con­sis­ten­cy. The BAR’s dam­age out­put is more con­sis­tent­ly achiev­able in short­er ranges. This is due to the weapon’s accu­ra­cy being increased when play­ing with the BAR-Infantry Divi­sion com­bi­na­tion. Giv­en that, we have deter­mined that slow­ing down the ADS tran­si­tion times slight­ly is the best way to tone down the weapon’s strength so that it falls more in line with the oth­er rifles.

Semi-Auto­mat­ic Pis­tols (P‑08, M1911, 9MM SAP)

  • Slight­ly improved accuracy

While the Machine Pis­tol remains the most used pis­tol, we are buff­ing the semi-auto­mat­ic pis­tols so that they yield more con­sis­tent results when shoot­ing accurately.

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