This week, Rock­star has added a new set of bonus­es, dis­counts, Prime Gam­ing rewards and a new podi­um vehi­cle to GTA Online. As men­tioned last week, play­ers were the decid­ing fac­tor in what was going to get the bonus this week. 

Double Rewards

New Discounts, Rewards and More In GTA Online This Week

The Dia­mond Adver­sary series will be giv­ing out dou­ble rewards for the rest of the week, with a spe­cial one-time bonus to play­ers on the win­ning side of any mode in the series: a quar­ter mil­lion in cash. The mon­ey will be deposit­ed into your Maze bank with­in sev­en days.

Last week, Rock­star gave play­ers the chance to “pick” what activ­i­ties would be get­ting a bonus this week. It was based on the most-played activ­i­ty, either VIP or MC Work & Chal­lenges. VIPs took this one, so Spe­cial Car­go Sales is now pay­ing out dou­ble rewards for the rest of the week.

All of Ger­ald’s Last Play Mis­sions are also dish­ing out dou­ble GTA$ and RP through Sep­tem­ber 9th.

Podium Vehicle

Stop by The Dia­mond Casi­no & Resort to give the Lucky Wheel a spin, with the chance to get the top prize: the Maibat­su Penum­bra FF.

New Discounts, Rewards and More In GTA Online This Week


The Dia­mond is giv­ing out free Cham­pagne, along­side 50% off all Casi­no-Exclu­sive cloth­ing. The Mas­ter Pent­house Suite and all its cus­tomiza­tions (col­ors, pat­terns, floor plans and extra rooms) are all 30% off.

There’s also a few dis­counts on vehicles:

  • 30% off Grot­ti Furia
  • 30% off Grot­ti Itali GTO
  • 30% off Över­flöd Enti­ty XXR 
  • 40% off Karin Kuru­ma (Armored)
  • 40% off Mam­moth Thruster
  • 30% off TM-02 Khanjali 

Prime Gaming

New Discounts, Rewards and More In GTA Online This Week

GTA Online play­ers who con­nect their Social Club and Prime Gam­ing will get:

  • GTA$200K for play­ing any time this week
  • The FREE Vespuc­ci Canals Night­club Property
  • 70% off the Mam­moth Avenger
  • 75% off the Avenger’s Weapon and Weaponized Vehi­cle Workshops

Source: Rock­star