Monster Hunter: World Unleashing a New Elder Dragon Tomorrow

Cap­com revealed the newest Elder Drag­on, named Kul­ve Taroth, will be com­ing to Mon­ster Hunter: World tomor­row. Of course, a new set of armor comes along with him. Play­ers can also expect a new quest type, new lay­ered armor, and a new weapon loot sys­tem for Kul­ve Taroth. 

New Quest Type: Siege

Hunt­ing this Elder Drag­on is no small task, so the team at Cap­com is allow­ing an entire gath­er­ing hub of play­ers to take Kul­ve Taroth down. A total fo 16 play­ers, four packs of four Hunters can con­tribute progress, work­ing to break more parts and earn more rewards from the hunt of the same Kul­ve Taroth. 

The Siege mode is bal­anced the same, no mat­ter the size of the hunt­ing par­ty. SOS Flares are also dis­abled dur­ing this mode. Cap­com sug­gests using the Search for Online Ses­sion func­tion or Squad Ses­sions to build your fleet.

New Weapon Loot System 

Kul­ve Taroth’s man­tle is made up of weapons relics he has amassed while trav­el­ing to the New World.

Monster Hunter: World Unleashing a New Elder Dragon Tomorrow

The nature and qual­i­ty of these weapons “are entire­ly up to fate.” Although focus­ing your efforts on break­ing as many parts and deal­ing as much dam­age as you can, will give some excit­ing rewards.

New Armor and Layered Armor

As expect­ed, the Smithy already has blue­prints to make shiny new sets of α and β for Kul­ve Taroth. The new Lay­ered Armor set will only change the appear­ance of your cur­rent­ly equipped armor, just make sure to look out for a spe­cial deliv­ery request after you take on your first Kul­ve Taroth Siege.

Monster Hunter: World Unleashing a New Elder Dragon Tomorrow

The first Kul­ve Taroth Siege will start April 18th at 5:00 PM Pacif­ic and will be live for a lim­it­ed time. 

Source: PlaySta­tion

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