Minecraft Gets Phase Two of the Aquatic Update Today

While Minecraft ini­tial­ly released their Aquat­ic update back in March. Today they launched “Phase Two” of the Aquat­ic update, which not only bring plen­ty of new con­tent, but fix­es and changes the team made. The Aquat­ic update is cur­rent­ly avail­able on Win­dows 10, VR, mobile devices, Xbox One and Nin­ten­do Switch.


Phase Two of Aquatic Update 


  • Realms are now avail­able on Nin­ten­do Switch
  • The Drowned — These dan­ger­ous, under­wa­ter zom­bies lurk in dark, deep water and will come up to the shore at night
  • Sea Tur­tles — These gen­tle crea­tures can be found swim­ming in oceans and tan­ning on beach­es. Pro­tect their eggs so more can hatch!
  • Tur­tle Shell and Scute items
  • Potion of the Tur­tle Master
  • Nau­tilus Shells — Can be found while fish­ing or held by the Drowned
  • Con­duits can now be con­struct­ed under­wa­ter and give play­ers the Con­duit Pow­er effect. Craft them with Nau­tilus Shells & Heart of the Sea
  • Bub­ble Columns — Mag­ma Blocks cre­ate down­ward flow­ing columns and Soul Sand cre­ates upward flow­ing bubbles
  • New Achieve­ments!
  • Added new com­mands that only affect worlds with Edu­ca­tion Edi­tion enabled: 1. /ability — Sets a play­er’s abil­i­ty 2. /immutableworld — Sets the immutable state of the world 3. /worldbuilder — Tog­gle World Builder sta­tus of caller


  • Changed the menu back­ground to be themed for Update Aquatic
  • Undead mobs will now sink in water and can walk on the bottom
  • Improved the steer­ing of Boats when using key­board and mouse by press­ing W to move for­ward and S to reverse
  • Dol­phins can now be giv­en Raw Fish or Raw Salmon and will swim towards the near­est Ocean Ruins or Shipwreck
  • Husks that have sunk in water will now trans­form into Zom­bies and Zom­bies will trans­form into Drowned
  • Skele­ton Hors­es can now be rid­den underwater
  • Skele­tons and Strays will switch from ranged to melee attacks while under­wa­ter and switch back when out of water
  • Coral blocks will no longer die as long as one side is touch­ing water
  • Improved play­er swim­ming at the sur­face of water
  • Tri­dents can now be enchant­ed with Mend­ing and Unbreaking
  • Added an ani­ma­tion when using Rip­tide in first per­son perspective
  • Slight­ly decreased the fric­tion of Blue Ice
  • Updat­ed the tex­ture of the top of Kelp
  • Updat­ed the tex­ture of Cooked Fish
  • Updat­ed the Rip­tide spin texture
  • Default Field of View has been reduced from 70 to 60 and can be adjust­ed in Video Settings
  • Tri­dents will no longer break blocks in Cre­ative mode
  • The Inven­to­ry but­ton has been moved to the top of the Store page
Source: Minecraft
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