Mojang Stu­dios is set to release anoth­er DLC for the recent­ly released Minecraft Dun­geons. This first DLC, the Jun­gle Awak­ens, was launched on July 1st, and this sec­ond one is approach­ing its own release soon on Sep­tem­ber 8th.

It’s been titled ‘Creep­ing Win­ter’ and as typ­i­cal for a DLC, it’s brin­ing new armor, weapons and arti­facts. There’s also new mob and slip­pery ice, so watch out along your new jour­ney. Of course, the largest por­tion of this addi­tion is for pay­ing customers.

Minecraft Dungeons Is Getting Another DLC and More On September 8th

How­ev­er, there is a free game update arriv­ing the same day as the paid DLC, which will include new mer­chants and Dai­ly Tri­als. Save cap­tured Mer­chants and they’ll set up their shops in your camp. The Black­smith will upgrade items for you and the Gift Wrap­per will let you trade items with oth­er play­ers in multiplayer. 

The Dai­ly Tri­als bring new chal­lenges to the game’s mechan­ics which make them dif­fi­cult, can be exper­i­men­tal, or fun. No details were giv­en as to what will be dished out for com­plet­ing these Dai­ly Trails.

Minecraft Dungeons Is Getting Another DLC and More On September 8th

Last­ly, Minecraft Dun­geons will final­ly be com­ing to the PS4, Xbox One and Switch in a phys­i­cal form. It will only be sold in the Hero Edi­tion of the game, which includes the Jun­gle Awak­ens, Creep­ing Win­ter, the base game and unique cos­met­ics. PS4 play­ers in Japan will not be see­ing the phys­i­cal release of Minecraft Dun­geons on Sep­tem­ber 8th due to pro­duc­tion delays, but will be able to pur­chase it a month later. 

Source: Mojang Stu­dios