Microsoft has been doing extreme­ly well over the last three months. Microsoft­’s earn­ing report includ­ed some num­bers that shows how well Microsoft­’s gam­ing divi­sion is doing.

The increased spend­ing on game dur­ing the COVID-19 pan­dem­ic has def­i­nite­ly done some good for Microsoft. This is the first earn­ing report released since the com­pa­ny launched the Xbox Series X/S in Novem­ber. Those sys­tems boost­ed Xbox hard­ware sales by 86%. 

Hard­ware rev­enue would have been even high­er if prod­uct short­ages weren’t an issue. Ana­lyst Daniel Ahmad said he thinks the Xbox Series X/S did­n’t move as many units right away than the Xbox One did over the same timeframe.

Phil Spencer has already apol­o­gized for the short­age of stock, and has pledged that Microsoft is try­ing their best to restock as soon as possible. 

Rev­enue for con­tent and ser­vices rose by 40%. This includes Game Pass sub­scrip­tions, third-par­ty game sales and first-par­ty game sales. The per­cent­age uptick was dri­ven most­ly by the third-par­ty sales, since Microsoft takes a cut from every game sold on Xbox. Rev­enue in total for Xbox rose by 51%, com­pared to the same peri­od from last year.

As is the typ­i­cal rou­tine for Microsoft, the com­pa­ny did­n’t share the spe­cif­ic sales num­bers for the Xbox con­soles or the num­bers for Xbox Live and Xbox Game Pass subscribers. 

Across all busi­ness units, Microsoft brought in $43.1 bil­lion for this peri­od (+17%) and post­ed a prof­it of $15.5 bil­lion (+33%). Peo­ple on social media point­ed out the prof­it Microsoft made is enough to pay the $7.5 bil­lion for the acqui­si­tion of Zen­i­Max twice, with mon­ey to spare.