This month is see­ing a pletho­ra of games being added to Microsoft­’s Xbox Game Pass sub­scrip­tion ser­vice. Ear­li­er this month they snuck a few games in, includ­ing End­less Space 2 (PC), Halo 3 (PC) and Neon Abyss (con­sole & PC). Today, eight more titles were announced, all being sprin­kled in through­out the rest of the month. Addi­tion­al­ly, a small list of titles leav­ing the Game Pass soon was unveiled.

Along­side the games, free DLC is also being added. A free Minecraft map — Glitch Run­ner and Gears 5: Oper­a­tion 4: Broth­ers in Arms update are among the DLC avail­able to Xbox Game Pass mem­bers. Microsoft Flight Sim­u­la­tor can also be pre-installed for Win­dows 10 PC. It has three dif­fer­ent edi­tions, with the stan­dard edi­tion being free for Xbox Game Pass Ulti­mate and Xbox Game Pass PC subscribers. 

You can see the full list of titles, their arrival dates and games leav­ing soon, below:

Coming Soon

Microsoft Is Adding Eight More Games To Xbox Game Pass This Month

July 16th

  • For­ager – Con­sole & PC 
  • Mount & Blade: War­band – Con­sole

July 23rd

  • Car­rion – Con­sole & PC
  • Golf With Your Friends PC

July 28th

  • Ground­ed — Xbox Game Pre­view – Con­sole & PC

July 30th

  • Nowhere Prophet – Con­sole & PC 
  • The Touryst – Con­sole & PC
  • Yakuza Kiwa­mi 2 – Con­sole & PC 

Leaving Soon

  • Ash­es Crick­et (Con­sole)
  • RiME (Con­sole & PC)
  • The Ban­ner Saga 3 (Con­sole & PC)

Source: Xbox