In a move that no one saw com­ing, Microsoft has acquired Zen­i­Max media for 7.9 bil­lion dol­lars. Zen­i­Max is the par­ent com­pa­ny of Bethes­da and many oth­er game devel­op­ment com­pa­nies. In an Xbox Blog post Xbox head Phil Spencer talks about Bethes­da’s long rela­tion­ship with Xbox and what is going to come of this new acquisition, 

Just as they took the bold first steps to bring The Elder Scrolls fran­chise to the orig­i­nal Xbox, Bethes­da were ear­ly sup­port­ers of Xbox Game Pass, bring­ing their games to new audi­ences across devices and have been active­ly invest­ing in new gam­ing tech­nol­o­gy like cloud stream­ing of games. We will be adding Bethesda’s icon­ic fran­chis­es to Xbox Game Pass for con­sole and PC.” 

Phil Spencer

Microsoft has acquired a lot of stu­dios recent­ly and this lat­est addi­tion adds:

  • Bethes­da Softworks
  • Bethes­da Game Studios
    • Fall­out 76
    • Elder Scrolls Blades
    • Starfield
    • Elder Scrolls 6
  • id Soft­ware
    • Doom
    • Rage
    • Wolfen­stein
  • Zen­i­Max Online Studios
    • Elder Scrolls Online
    • Fall­out 76
  • Arkane
    • Dis­hon­ored
    • Prey
    • Deathloop
    • Wolfen­stein Youngblood
  • MachineGames
    • Wolfen­stein Youngblood
  • Tan­go Gameworks
    • The Evil Within
    • Ghost­wire: Tokyo
  • Alpha Dog
    • Mon­stroC­i­ty: Rampage
  • Round­house Studios
    • Prey

Microsoft now owns and con­trols The Elder Scrolls, Fall­out, Wolfen­stein, Doom, Dis­hon­ored, Prey, Quake and more. No word on when we will start see­ing more Bethes­da games avail­able on Game Pass, hope­ful­ly they are avail­able soon. There has­n’t been much infor­ma­tion on how this effects PlaySta­tion play­ers, so far all we know is that Elder Scrolls Online will still get the same sup­port, updates and DLC that it has been receiving.