Metro Exodus’ Revealed at Microsoft’s E3 Briefing

Microsoft had a very full sched­ule planned for this year’s E3 show and shocked a lot of us when anoth­er Metro game made an appear­ance on those big screens. 

Titled “Metro Exo­dus” it is a visu­al­ly stun­ning game, but it is unclear if this game takes place after Metro: Last Light, or the before the orig­i­nal Metro 2033, though it looks to be after. The orig­i­nal game was exclu­sive­ly for Win­dows and Xbox 360, but Metro: Last Light was avail­able to all con­soles and PC. For­tu­nate­ly for PlaySta­tion play­ers, so will Metro Exodus.

The game­play trail­er shows a few ene­mies, a cou­ple of weapons, and a pret­ty sweet way of trav­el. As always, Metro is stick­ing to the post-apoc­a­lyp­tic world where sur­vival is key. There is even a beau­ti­ful moment where the man pulls an arrow out of his ene­mies head. Now that is con­serv­ing ammo.

You can see the trail­er for Metro Exo­dus below, this title is expect­ed to launch some­time in 2018.


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