World of War­craft now auto­mat­i­cal­ly blocks mes­sages con­tain­ing “reserved words” such as slurs and oth­er banned or deroga­to­ry lan­guage. WoW-focused out­let Wow­head dis­cov­ered the change on live servers recent­ly and pub­lished a post about the change.

As with most online games, WoW has used a text fil­ter to auto­mat­i­cal­ly cen­sor and fil­ter cer­tain words for years now. How­ev­er, this new system–which only applies to one par­tic­u­lar racial slur right now–appears to indi­cate that Bliz­zard is plan­ning to pun­ish deroga­to­ry lan­guage more harsh­ly in the future. The new sys­tem blocks the mes­sage from being sent on live servers entirely.

Giv­en this only applies to one word, it’s like­ly this fea­ture is exper­i­men­tal, but could include more words soon.