Memorial Day 2018 Event in GTA Online This Week

Memo­r­i­al Day week­end is upon us and Rock­star is def­i­nite­ly try­ing to stuff it full with GTA Online good­ies. Not only will there be plen­ty of bonus­es, but a lot of dis­counts, and a return of lim­it­ed-time vehicles.


There are four ways to earn dou­ble GTA$ and RP this week:

Memorial Day 2018 Event in GTA Online This Week

Expect dev­as­tat­ing, Rail­guns to Mini­gun-mount­ed Insur­gents, all scat­tered across each of the sev­en maps avail­able for Motor Wars. Get to these heavy weapons first and elim­i­nate the oth­er teams to win, all while the clock ticks down and you’re forced clos­er to you ene­mies by a shrink­ing arena.

Memorial Day 2018 Event in GTA Online This Week Club­house Con­tracts will earn dou­ble GTA$ and RP this week. Bik­er Work and Chal­lenges will also be giv­ing out double.

Memorial Day 2018 Event in GTA Online This Week

Reg­is­ter as a VIP or CEO and run around in Freemode to cause some seri­ous trou­ble, now through May 28th, to earn Dou­ble GTA$ and RP

Memorial Day 2018 Event in GTA Online This Week

Trap Door, which was released last week, has an exten­sion on earn­ing Dou­ble GTA$ and RP. This is GTA Online’s ver­sion of a Bat­tle Roy­al. Four teams, 16 play­ers total, duke it out on an ever shrink­ing plat­form, sta­tioned high above the Pacific.



  • Pfis­ter Comet SR — 25% off
  • Declasse Tor­na­do Rat Rod — 30% off 
  • Coil Raiden — 30% off 
  • Over­flod Enti­ty XXR — 25% off
  • Sea Spar­row — 30% off
  • Imponte Ruin­er 2000 — 30% off (Buy it Now and Trade Price)
  • TM-02 Khan­jali — 30% off (Buy it Now and Trade Price)
  • Buz­zard Attack Chop­per — 30% off


  • All Exec­u­tive Offices & Office Garages – 30% off
  • All Bik­er Club­hous­es – 30% off

Memorial Day Weekend Sale

This is a lim­it­ed time dis­count, from May 25th to May 28th ONLY, and brings back a sev­er­al vehi­cles from the dead. Yachts and Yacht mod­i­fi­ca­tions will be 50% off dur­ing this time. 

  • LCC Sanc­tus — 25% off 
  • The Vapid Lib­er­a­tor — 25% off 
  • West­ern Sov­er­eign — 25% off 

Source: Rock­star

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