Medi­a­ton­ic, the devel­op­er behind the pop­u­lar bat­tle royale Fall Guys, had an unusu­al way of deal­ing with cheaters. They were send­ing them to “Cheater Island” to play against each oth­er. But Medi­a­ton­ic has since removed it. 

In a recent tweet on the Fall Guys Twit­ter account, they admit­ted to such an exis­tence of this island. “At launch, we had some of our own cheat detec­tion built into the game. We weren’t ban­ning any­one at this point, just gath­er­ing data care­ful­ly. We want­ed to be 100% sure that our cheat detec­tion would only catch peo­ple who were legit­i­mate­ly cheating.”

They con­tin­ued on say­ing after they con­firmed their cheat detec­tion was work­ing, they “secret­ly launched” Cheater Island. 

The Fall Guys Twit­ter account tweet­ed an extreme­ly long thread about Cheater Island, how the stu­dio was over­whelmed by the amount of cheaters play­ing Fall Guys and the stu­dio’s upcom­ing plans to com­bat all the cheat­ing. Medi­a­ton­ic has stat­ed they will be using Fort­nite’s anti-cheat in the future.

Medi­a­ton­ic removed Cheater Island this week after a video of cheater-filled match­es speed around social media. The Stu­dio said those videos “made the game look bad.”