Mass Effect Andromeda Reveals Microtransaction Prices

Among the many crit­i­cisms Mass Effect Androm­e­da has been get­ting from fans and crit­ics alike, EA has the gonads to reveal the pric­ing on their microtransactions.

Like so many oth­er triple A titles, Mass Effect has buck­led to the mass­es, and includ­ed these trans­ac­tions for their mul­ti­play­er mode. The in-game cur­ren­cy is being called Points (which is seri­ous­ly gener­ic) and has been seen on PlaySta­tion’s Store and Xbox’s Store. These went up today, the same day Mass Effect Androm­e­da launches. 

This dig­i­tal cur­ren­cy is can be used to buy in-game mul­ti­play­er packs, which seem to only come with cos­met­ic items. That, of course, might not last for the entire course of the games time peri­od. Play­ers can also acquire Points from reg­u­lar game­play, so these micros are just to get them these packs faster. 

As usu­al, the Points are being offered in bun­dled form, which you can see below and EA/Origin mem­bers save 10% on all prices.

Mass Effect Androm­e­da Pric­ing:

  • 500 Points — $5
  • 1,050 Points — $10
  • 2,150 Points — $20
  • 3,250 Points — $30
  • 5,750 Points — $50
  • 12,000 Points — $100
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