Mass Effect Andromeda Dev Gives New Information About Multiplayer And Beta Cancellation

Yes­ter­day Bioware announced that Mass Effect Anromeda’s mul­ti­play­er beta has been can­celled. No rea­son was giv­en for the can­cel­la­tion, leav­ing many ques­tion­ing why.

Since then a devel­op­er, Fer­nan­do Melo, has tweet­ed out an explanation.

He goes on to reas­sure gamers that Mass Effect Androm­e­da’s mul­ti­play­er has had the most exten­sive test­ing of any Bioware mul­ti­play­er. A new screen­shot of the char­ac­ter selec­tion was also tweeted.

Melo replied to a num­ber of ques­tions about the game. Here is a list of infor­ma­tion that Melo confirmed.

  • The image above does not con­tain all the classes
  • Char­ac­ters will have rar­i­ty levels
  • Each char­ac­ter will have their own voice
  • Race and faces will not be customizable
  • The col­or and pat­terns of armor can be customized
  • Hel­mets can­not be removed or added
  • Mul­ti­play­er will be peer-to-peer
  • Androm­e­da will only have text trans­la­tion in Portuguese

More infor­ma­tion about Mass Effect Androm­e­da’s mul­ti­play­er will be revealed at PAX East, March 10th to 12th. A livestream will be held by Bioware on Twitch from 4pm to 5pm (EST) on March 10th. 

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