Mario & Luigi Superstar Saga Is Getting A 3DS Remake

Nin­ten­do has announced Mario & Lui­gi Super­star Saga + Bowser’s Min­ions for the 3DS. This will be a com­plete remake of the orig­i­nal game and an addi­tion­al new game mode.

Here is the full list of fea­tures giv­en by Nintendo:

  • Mario and Lui­gi have access to dif­fer­ent tech­niques, known as Bros. Moves, nec­es­sary for solv­ing puz­zles on their adven­ture. Switch between the two char­ac­ters at will to pave your way and progress through new areas.
  • Time your but­ton press­es to skill­ful­ly dodge ene­my blows, land dev­as­tat­ing coun­ters, and inflict increased dam­age in bat­tle. Uti­lize Bros. Attacks that dish out mas­sive damage! 
  • In the brand new mode titled Min­ion Quest: The Search for Bows­er, become the unlike­ly hero, Cap­tain Goom­ba. Jour­ney togeth­er with ShyGuy, Boo and oth­er famil­iar Baddies.
  • The Min­ion Quest sto­ry­line takes place dur­ing Mario & Luigi’s clas­sic adven­ture. Find out what real­ly tran­spired behind-the-scenes! 
  • Com­pat­i­ble with ami­i­bo fig­ures from the Super Mario series, includ­ing Mario and Lui­gi ami­i­bo fig­ures. Also com­ing soon are brand new Goom­ba and Koopa Troopa ami­i­bo. The Goom­ba, Koopa Troopa and Boo ami­i­bo fig­ures will each have read/write compatibility

Mario & Lui­gi Super­star Saga orig­i­nal­ly released for the Game­boy Advance in 2003. The game was well received by both crit­ics and fans. Cur­rent­ly the game has a 90 on meta­crit­ic from review­ers and a 91 from users.

If you need more rea­son to check the game out, Nin­ten­do has almost 30 min­utes of game­play from their Nin­ten­do Tree­house livestream. 

Mario & Lui­gi Super­star Saga + Bowser’s Min­ions launch­es Octo­ber 6th 2017 for the 3DS

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