Mages of Mystralia Releases May18th For PC, Console Release Coming Later

Bore­alys Games has announced Mages of Mys­tralia will launch May 18th for PC. A con­sole launch for Xbox One and PS4 is planned, but no release date was giv­en for either console.

Mages of Mys­tralia is described as Leg­end of Zel­da meets Har­ry Pot­ter in a sin­gle-play­er title. Here is the overview giv­en by the developer:

Mages of Mys­tralia is an action-adven­ture game in which play­ers take on the role of Zia, a young girl who just dis­cov­ered she has the gift of mag­ic. As play­ers progress through the game, they dis­cov­er runes that enable them to design their own spells – spells they can use to fight ene­mies, solve envi­ron­men­tal puz­zles, and save the king­dom of Mys­tralia. Some of the runes add new behav­iors to the spell. Oth­ers mod­i­fy the para­me­ters of those behav­iors. And yet oth­ers allow play­ers to apply sim­ple con­di­tion­al rules to com­bine one or more spells togeth­er to cre­ate a new megaspell greater than the sum of its parts.”

Bore­alys Games has a more detailed overview of the spell craft­ing sys­tem on their YouTube chan­nel. They also have var­i­ous videos explain­ing some of the chal­lenges of cre­at­ing the game and how they address them. 

Mages of Mys­tralia is a com­ing of age sto­ry writ­ten by For­got­ten Realms cre­ator Ed Green­wood. Zia is a young woman who was born with an innate sense of mag­ic. She is forced to go into exile and learn to con­trol her pow­ers because all arcane pow­ers have been banned in the King­dom. Dur­ing her jour­ney she will meet oth­er exiled mages, find new runes, and craft new mag­ic. If you are inter­est­ed in the sto­ry, there is a com­ic book that flesh­es out the lore and var­i­ous sto­ries about the king­dom of Mystralia.

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