Deck 13, the devel­op­ers of Lord of the Fall­en, has release a new trail­er for its upcom­ing action-RPG The Surge.The new cin­e­mat­ic trail­er explains a bit of the set­ting and sets up the game’s story. 

Although the game is only now get­ting a cin­e­mat­ic trail­er, The Surge was announced as far back as E3 2016. Odd­ly enough Deck 13 released a game­play trail­er long before this new trailer. 

The devel­op­er has also been pret­ty open about the sto­ry. Here is their descrip­tion of the story. 

Fresh­ly recruit­ed as an aug­ment­ed work­er, Warren’s first day coin­cides with a cat­a­stroph­ic event deep inside CREO, dur­ing the rou­tine sur­gi­cal oper­a­tion meant to graft, through flesh and bone, the exo-suit required for the company’s employ­ees. This dis­as­trous event marks the first in a series of bru­tal events, turn­ing this first day at CREO into a hell­ish night­mare of robots gone hay­wire, crazed employ­ees with fried cra­nial implants, and arti­fi­cial intel­li­gence that all wants War­ren dead.”

One of the more unique aspects of game­play is the abil­i­ty to tar­get spe­cif­ic limbs. In com­bat tar­get­ing spe­cif­ic limbs will result in ene­my exo-suit parts falling off which can lat­er be retrieve. These parts can then lat­er be used to upgrade War­ren’s exo-suit with things like enhanced strength or speed. 

The Surge launch­es May 2017 for PlaySta­tion 4, Xbox One, and PC