The Long Dark Officially Releases August 1st, PS4 Version Announced

Today Hin­ter­land has announced that sur­vival game The Long Dark will offi­cial­ly launch and come to PS4 this year on August 1st. When the game launch­es it will have a sur­vival mode and two episodes of the nar­ra­tive mode Wintermute.

In sur­vival the play­er will sim­ply try to live as long as pos­si­ble in the Cana­di­an wilder­ness. To sur­vive play­ers must man­age resources such as food, fuel, cloth­ing and phys­i­cal prop­er­ties such as fatigue and thirst. The world is rough­ly 20 square miles and con­tains many man-made struc­tures such as cab­ins, light­hous­es, and oth­er aban­doned build­ings. These places often con­tain resources and gear that the play­er can use. 

The nar­ra­tive mode will tell the sto­ry of bush pilot Will Macken­zie and Dr. Astrid Green­wood who crash in the Cana­di­an wilder­ness after a “mys­te­ri­ous geo­mag­net­ic dis­as­ter”. Cre­ative direc­tor Raphael van Lierop states that the sto­ry is inspired by Cor­mac McCarthy’s The Road and will have a cast of char­ac­ters that play­ers will want to sur­vive. Each episode will be about five hours long with a total of five episodes.  At launch the game will have two episodes, but the rest are planned to be released over the course of 2017 and a part of 2018.

At the moment The Long Dark is avail­able for Xbox One and PC as an ear­ly access title for $20. Come August 1st the game will cost $35 how­ev­er those who have a copy already will not have to pay addi­tion­al costs and will receive the new nar­ra­tive mode. In the mean­time a new update is planned to release before the offi­cial launch that will over­haul the save sys­tem, maps and oth­er game mechanics. 

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