Life Is Strange Prequel Not Made By Dontnod May Be In The Works

Dontn­od’s pop­u­lar nar­ra­tive dri­ven title Life is Strange might have a pre­quel from a dif­fer­ent developer. 

The news comes from Gamekult (via Eurogamer) who found an image of the pre­quel on the Deck Nine web­site serv­er. A user then informed them of an imgur gallery that had the image found by Gamekult as well as sev­er­al oth­er images. The pic­tures show Chloe before her blue hair, a liv­ing Rachel, and var­i­ous loca­tions used in the game. 

From the images it can be assumed that the game will focus on the rela­tion­ship and events between Rachel and Chloe. This will also be before Chloe enters her rebel­lious punk phase seen in the orig­i­nal game. Oth­er details are still unclear how­ev­er play­er will like­ly take on the role of Rachel or Chloe.

While Deck Nine as the devel­op­er may sound odd, it would make sense. The stu­dio was pre­vi­ous­ly known as idol games, but recent­ly under­gone a re-brand­ing. In a now removed announce­ment they stat­ed that they were work­ing on a “brand new addi­tion to a crit­i­cal­ly acclaimed fran­chise” and they would now focus on nar­ra­tive dri­ven games. The stu­dio has also been work­ing on new tools called Sky­forge that would allow them to cre­ate “mean­ing­ful sto­ry­telling and rich game­play”. Their first game as Deck Nine was sup­posed to be announced next month accord­ing to their announce­ment from last night.

There is no offi­cial word about the pre­quel from any of the devel­op­ers or pub­lish­ers involved with Life is Strange. Although if the game is this far into devel­op­ment, expect info at E3 per­haps along­side the already con­firmed sequel from Dontnod.

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