Unfor­tu­nate­ly, Lego Star Wars: The Sky­walk­er Saga has been delayed, and there isn’t a new release date. The game’s devel­op­er, TT Games, stat­ed they need more time for the game live up to expectations.

Because of this, it won’t make its pre­vi­ous­ly sched­uled spring release. “All of us at TT Games are work­ing hard to Lego Star Wars: The Sky­walk­er Saga the biggest and best Lego game, but we’re going to need more time to do it,” the devel­op­er said. The stu­dio also thanked fans for their patience. The game was orig­i­nal­ly shown off back at E3 2019, so it’s been quite some time since then.

The Sky­walk­er Saga is unlike any Lego Star Wars game before it, with near­ly 500 Star Wars characters.

The game allows play­ers to start the game at any point in the Saga, so you can skip the pre­quels or go straight to The Last Jedi if you wish. It will also include space com­bat mis­sions, and the whole game is brand new–nothing is tak­en from pre­vi­ous Lego Star Wars games.

When­ev­er it’s ready, Lego Star Wars: The Sky­walk­er Saga will release on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, PC and Nin­ten­do Switch.