Peo­ple Can Fly, the devs behind Out­rid­ers, has out­lined the first major patch for the game. It is bring­ing sev­er­al adjust­ments to the loot­er-shoot­er, includ­ing the sta­bil­i­ty issues and class-spe­cif­ic skill nerfs.

As with any update that bal­ances a game, some Out­rid­ers play­ers will like­ly be rather dis­ap­point­ed with the changes to the loot drops and class skills. Ene­mies like the Cold­claw and Split­tooth will drop less gear, because they were a tad gen­er­ous with their trea­sures. Bul­let abil­i­ties (such as the Tech­no­mancer’s Blight­ed Rounds and the Trick­ster’s Twist­ed Rounds) have been mod­i­fied to feel more “top tier,” as stat­ed by the studio. 

This includes increas­ing the Twist­ed Round­s’s cooldown to 25 sec­onds and reduc­ing the “Vul­ner­a­ble” sta­tus effec­t’s pow­er to 15%. The Tech­no­mancer and Pyro­mancer class­es have also been nerfed, with the for­mer’s “Dam­age Against Poi­son” skill get­ting its pow­er reduced and the lat­ter’s “Tri­al of Ash­es” extra dam­age out­put decreased.

The cross-play between con­soles and PC that was dis­abled last week, will be re-enabled, but a date as to when has not been spec­i­fied. Peo­ple Can Fly has said there is a chance that this upcom­ing patch could release ear­li­er than cur­rent­ly planned. 

Anoth­er impor­tant fix address­es the glitch caus­ing inven­to­ries to wipe clean when crash­ing dur­ing a mul­ti­play­er ses­sion. In a Red­dit post, Peo­ple Can Fly said the bug’s occur­rence should be “great­ly reduced” after this patch final­ly goes live. The team is still work­ing on item restora­tion, with an exact date not con­firmed yet. Only “the most valu­able tiers of items lost,” like Epic and Leg­en­daries, will be restored.

You can check out the full patch notes for next week’s update below:

Next Week’s Outriders Update Patch Notes

PC & Consoles:

  • Once plat­forms have been updat­ed to the same patch ver­sion, cross-play across plat­forms will become viable again.
  • Over­all sta­bil­i­ty improve­ments for the match­mak­ing service.
  • Crash Fix­es:
    • Will fix a mul­ti­play­er crash that could result in client play­ers hav­ing their inven­to­ry wiped.
    • Will fix the crash when com­plet­ing the “A Bad Day” side quest.
    • Will fix the crash that occurs in No Man’s Land when your lan­guage is set to Span­ish (Yes, we know. Video game code is a mag­i­cal thing).
    • Will fix crash on launch issues.
    • Will include many more “ran­dom” crash fixes:
      • We are con­fi­dent that these fix­es will address the major­i­ty of crash­es report­ed, as there are only a hand­ful of root caus­es but the crash­es they gen­er­ate appear in a num­ber of places.
  • Will fix the HUD dis­ap­pear­ing in cer­tain cases.
  • Will fix bugs that inter­fere with play­ers re-spawn­ing in mul­ti­play­er Expeditions.
  • Will fix bugs with play­ers get­ting stuck on geom­e­try (includ­ing when using Grav­i­ty Leap) or falling out of the world.
  • Will change the default match­mak­ing set­ting from “Open” to “Closed”:
    • You will still be able to man­u­al­ly change this set­ting to “Open” through your game settings.
    • This change will pre­vent play­ers from join­ing games where the host did­n’t intend to play in mul­ti­play­er. It will also cut down on AFK lobbies.
    • This will also help improve match­mak­ing times, as the queues will be less like­ly to be over­whelmed by the sheer vol­ume of con­stant match­mak­ing requests gen­er­at­ed by “open” games.
  • Many oth­er minor fix­es and improvements.

PC Spe­cif­ic:

  • Will Fix a per­for­mance issue where GPU is not being ful­ly uti­lized. This should help with stut­ter­ing and DX11/12 issues.