Large For Honor Update Finally Hits PS4 and Xbox One Today

Ubisoft had this title update ready for PC over a week ago, which is now just com­ing to the con­sole ver­sion of For Hon­or. This update is bring­ing bal­ance changes, as well as some tweaks to the Revenge system. 

Two things not­ed specif­i­cal­ly by Ubisoft in the main­te­nance blog, for the con­sole ver­sion, were AFK detec­tion improve­ment and Glob­al orders. They will be list­ed below:

  • AFK detec­tion improve­ment: AFK detec­tion now treats non-chang­ing/­con­stant con­troller inputs as AFK and will kick play­ers from match­es after a cer­tain time. (This does not apply when dead dur­ing Brawl and Elim­i­na­tion matches)
  • Glob­al Orders (All orders acces­si­ble in PvE and PvP): Glob­al Orders are now avail­able for Dai­ly Orders, it will be acti­vat­ed for Con­tract Orders on Thurs­day when it resets.

You can see the full patch notes for 1.o5 below:


Supe­ri­or Block feedback

  • Warden’s Top Light open­er Supe­ri­or Block visu­al effect applied on sword. 
  • Kensei’s Dodge For­ward, Left, Right Supe­ri­or Block visu­al effect applied on sword. 

Devel­op­er com­ments: Supe­ri­or Block visu­al feed­back used to be incon­sis­tent across char­ac­ters. In gen­er­al we make the weapon or shield flash for the dura­tion of the Supe­ri­or Block. Some char­ac­ters like the War­den for instance had their entire body flash, because we were afraid it wouldn’t be vis­i­ble enough on the sword only for the Top Light open­er. How­ev­er, the full body flash was often mis­tak­en for the Unin­ter­rupt­ible Stance visu­al effect which is also full body. So we’ve updat­ed the Warden’s feed­back to be only on the sword. We did the same for the Kensei’s Dodge.

Valkyrie Moveset

  • Removed Guard­break Can­cel from Shield Tack­le Can­cel Moveset description. 

Devel­op­er com­ments: we’ve removed the abil­i­ty to can­cel Shield Tack­le into Guard­break in a past update. Unfor­tu­nate­ly at the time, we couldn’t update the Valkyrie’s Moveset page. It’s done now. 


  • Updat­ed Guard­break Tuto­r­i­al text for more clar­i­ty on Counter Guardbreak.

Devel­op­er com­ments: The Guard Break Inter­rupt tuto­r­i­al had a hint say­ing “Inter­rupt ene­my Guard Breaks by press­ing [input] when they start”. The “when they start por­tion” was con­fus­ing peo­ple. In order to be more accu­rate, that text will now change to “when the ene­my connects”. 


  • [Bug Fix] Counter Guard­break abil­i­ty is no longer affect­ed by the Debuff Gear Stat.

Devel­op­er com­ments: Guard Break can be coun­tered if you press Guard Break with­in 200ms. The way we’ve han­dled this mechan­ic so far caused that time win­dow to shrink if you were using Gear with Debuff Dura­tion Stat. It wasn’t intend­ed, so we’ve updat­ed how this works to guar­an­tee the 200ms Guard­break Inter­rupt win­dow regard­less of Gear. Guard Break can­not be inter­rupt­ed if done on a tar­get that is in a Recov­ery, Dodge or Attack.


  • [Bug Fix] Assas­sins not falling Unbal­ance when thrown out of sta­mi­na is resolved.

Devel­op­er com­ments: Anoth­er issue the com­mu­ni­ty picked up on. In some cas­es, Assas­sins were able to pre­vent Unbal­ance from hap­pen­ing when thrown while out of sta­mi­na. It hap­pened because of their spe­cif­ic Guard Switch. When buffered just at the moment they got guard bro­ken, it would bypass the Unbal­ance. This issue is now resolved.


  • [Bug Fix] Revenge acti­va­tion no longer inter­rupt­ible by Emotes.


  • [Bug Fix] Fixed invert­ed Ken­sei Emotes “Wipe Blade” and “Arm and Armed”.

Devel­op­er com­ments: “Wipe Blade” & “Arm and Armed” emote videos and descrip­tions were invert­ed. This change will not swap emotes for users but rather fix the menu dis­play­ing the wrong info.



  • [Bug Fix] Hid­den Stance input improvement

Devel­op­er com­ments: There was an issue with the Nobushi’s Hid­den Stance input caus­ing the down­ward angle detec­tion on the right stick not to work con­sis­tent­ly with the oth­er Full Block Stances. It’s resolved now, the Hid­den Stance input works the same as Full Block Stances.

  • [Bug Fix] Nobushi’s bleed can no longer be applied with­out hit­ting target

Devel­op­er com­ments: A bug in the Nobushi’s bleed mechan­ic caused the bleed to be reap­plied with­out actu­al­ly hit­ting the tar­get if you used a spe­cif­ic timing.


  • [Bug Fix] Using Shove on an ene­my about to fall used to change their fall reaction
  • (ene­my would land on their feet instead of falling on their back).


  • [Bug Fix] Block­ing Exter­nal Attacks while in Full Block Stance now costs stamina


  • Heavy Fin­ish­ers hit areas updated

Devel­op­er com­ments: This address­es the “phan­tom hit” issue. We’re chang­ing the data of the Heavy Fin­ish­ers hit areas so that the ani­ma­tion and hit area look more in sync. How­ev­er, the issue at stake here is more com­plex. Fix­ing the hit areas will help with the issue, but we have a more robust fix com­ing for this in the future that has to do with our tar­get­ing rules. Stay tuned for more details in the future.



  • Health regen­er­a­tion only works from Idle
  • Health regen­er­a­tion set to 12HP per tick (from 10HP)

Devel­op­er com­ments: Regen­er­ate could be exploit­ed by fight­ing ene­mies Out of Guard Mode. The War­lord could just release lock, take hits, and the Feat would regen­er­ate his HP with­out much of a chal­lenge. This is not a behav­ior we want to encour­age. By enabling the HP regen­er­a­tion only in Idle, Regen­er­ate now is effi­cient in safe sce­nar­ios only, which is more aligned with its intend­ed pur­pose. We’re also increas­ing its regen­er­a­tion rate in order to com­pen­sate for the loss of regen­er­a­tion on hits.

Shield Bash­er

  • [Bug Fix] Shield Bash­er func­tion­al­i­ty will no longer be par­tial­ly deac­ti­vat­ed on death.

Game Modes


  • Boosts are no longer avail­able for pick-up at round start, they now appear 20 sec­onds after each round starts.
  • The time to pick up a Boost has been increased from 1 sec­ond to 2 seconds.


  • The fol­low­ing changes have been made to help short­en the aver­age match length:
  • The Hero Kill reward has been increased from 27 to 35 points
  • The Streak kill bonus award­ed per sub­se­quent kill is now 10, 15, 20, 25 and 30 points instead of 5, 10, 15, 20 and 25.
  • The “Sav­ior” reward (assist­ing a friend­ly in a duel) has been increased from 10 to 15 points
  • Intro­duced the “Avenger” renown bonus that rewards 15 points (Killing an ene­my who has recent­ly killed a team mate with­in a 10 sec­ond timeframe)
  • Changed the “Hon­or” bonus of 1 vs 1/2/ 3/4 to 15, 20, 25 and 30 points from 10, 15, 20, and 25 points
  • Base respawn time has been reduced from 12 to 10 seconds

Cus­tom Match 

  • The Hero Sin­gle pick option has been added to cus­tom match­es, accessed on the rules page.

Gear Stats


  • Attack and Defense stats no longer apply when in Revenge mode. Only the Revenge Attack and Revenge Defense stats apply when in Revenge.
  • Debuff Resis­tance will no longer reduce the Guard­break Counter win­dow of opportunity.
  • Revenge gain by Defense is now applied only when you block or par­ry a hit.
  • Revenge gain by Injury is now only applied when you get revenge from tak­ing damage.


  • Revenge mode Defense (found on Weapon slot 2, usu­al­ly hilt)
  • max­i­mum bonus decreased from 48.2% down to 32.1%
  • max­i­mum penal­ty decreased from ‑16.1% to ‑10.6%

Revenge gain by Defense (found on Weapon slot 2, usu­al­ly hilt)

  • max­i­mum bonus decreased from 36.2% down to 24.1%
  • max­i­mum penal­ty decreased from ‑12.1% to ‑8.0%

Revenge mode attack (found on Weapon part 3, usu­al­ly guard)

  • max­i­mum bonus decreased from 48.2% down to 24.1%
  • max­i­mum penal­ty decreased from ‑16.1% to ‑8.0%

Revenge mode dura­tion (found on Helm part)

  • max­i­mum bonus decreased from 54.0% down to 25.0%%
  • max­i­mum penal­ty decreased from ‑18.0% to ‑8.3%

Sprint Speed (found on Chest part)

  • The max­i­mum bonus decreased from 18% down to 9%
  • The max­i­mum penal­ty decreased from ‑6.0% to ‑3.0%


  • All Dai­ly Orders and Con­tract Orders can now be done in PvP and PvAI with­out distinction.
  • Added Dai­ly Orders that can be done regard­less of the game mode you play. 


  • Team icons dis­ap­pear from the chat win­dow once the chat has timed out.
  • Play­ers will no longer be paired on the same team when pay­ing in 1v1 Duel after re-invit­ing a play­er who has quit

PC Spe­cif­ic


  • FIXED: Some play­ers with new­er Mobile Graph­ics Cards are unable to switch the game to exclu­sive full screen mode
  • FIXED: Game some­times gets stuck for 15–20 sec­onds on the “Exit to World map” pop-up after com­plet­ing a match
  • FIXED: Game freeze on the World Map for some players
  • FIXED: Game gets stuck on pro­cess­ing mes­sage after con­firm­ing out­fit pur­chase pop up when social page is in the background
  • FIXED: Uplay achieve­ment title and descrip­tion are inversed for “Com­plete the Samu­rai Chapter”
  • FIXED: Pay­ment win­dow does not dis­ap­pear when clos­ing the Uplay over­lay with the mouse


  • FIXED: Scrolling in the Moveset screen affect­ing both lists at the same time (Hero Spe­cif­ic & Moves)
  • FIXED: Play­ers are unable to apply back­ground or Sym­bols for a sec­ond time after open­ing and clos­ing the Uplay overlay
  • FIXED: Game gets stuck on processing/need more steel screen on con­firm­ing the feat pur­chase pop up while hero pre­view is in background
  • FIXED: In-game error mes­sages not sup­port­ing 21:9 resolution
  • FIXED: Selec­tion area of Feats in sto­ry mis­sion load­out is too big
  • FIXED: Mul­ti­ple bro­ken mapped icons
  • FIXED: Key­board lay­out screen is miss­ing when a steam con­troller is connected
  • FIXED: Place­hold­er but­ton prompt are dis­played after dis­con­nect­ing and recon­nect­ing a steam controller
  • FIXED: Item thumb­nail does­n’t get refreshed prop­er­ly if the play­er clicks an item while dis­man­tling anoth­er in the scav­enge reward screen
  • FIXED: Mouse click for the client does not work on the warn­ing pop-up, after the host leaves any PvAI session
  • FIXED: “Scroll Up” and “Scroll Down” but­tons on Cred­its page are not clickable
  • FIXED: Tips on Con­trols page con­tain old but­ton prompts when a play­er makes changes in Key map­pings and then per­forms Reset to Default
  • FIXED: Mouse wheel scrolling through para­me­ters of Cus­tom Match on Map Overview is not functional
  • FIXED: Input is not dis­abled if game is min­i­mized or an over­lay (UPlay, Steam) is visible


  • FIXED: Nobushi hid­den stance hav­ing a small­er input cone than oth­er “down” stances
  • FIXED: Nobushi hid­den stance is not work­ing with Steam Con­troller native controls
  • FIXED: Steam Con­troller not switch­ing to menu bind­ing when open­ing the Menu while in Guard mode
  • FIXED: in-game menu is not invoked when a PS4 con­troller is disconnected 


  • ALL Chat” is now the default scope for text chat in the Duel Game mode
  • FIXED: Play­ers are unable to use text chat in the lob­by on re-match 


  • FIXED: Win­dows key is now work­ing in bor­der­less and exclu­sive fullscreen when in the menus
  • FIXED: Win+Shift+Arrow key behav­ior in bor­der­less and fullscreen: 
    • It was pos­si­ble to move the win­dow out­side the view­able space
    • It was not fol­low­ing the microsoft stan­dard “wrap­around” o It was not work­ing with Arrow UP/DOWN
  • FIXED: When min­i­miz­ing after using the short­cut, the game went to the wrong monitor
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