Large Halo Wars 2 Update: See What Was Changed

343 Indus­tries has announced a rather large update for Halo Wars 2. The stu­dio stat­ed these changes were “dri­ven by the play­er base at large”. It is expect­ed to launch on March 7th.

Accord­ing to 343, they made a vari­ety of tweaks and improve­ments, not­ing that this update did not include any new con­tent. Most of the changes were made to the Forge, but some were made to mul­ti­play­er and Halo 5’s sand­box as well (not sure why that is includ­ed in the Halo Wars 2 update, but ok).

Here is all of the enhancements/improvements 343 made:


  • Fixed issue where dam­age done at the end of a match was not prop­er­ly being report­ed in the dam­age dealt and accu­ra­cy stats
  • Fixed issue where grenade dam­age was not prop­er­ly being report­ed in the dam­age dealt stat
  • Move­ment speed and jump height now have 0% option in cus­tom game settings
  • Added cus­tom game option to con­trol clean up times for weapons and vehicles
  • Improved score to win incre­ments in cus­tom game options
  • Fixed a prob­lem where the last play­er to dam­age a Beam Mech before it goes kamikaze would get cred­it for the kill (War­zone ONLY)
  • Dis­abled Grunt Mech kamikaze in War­zone (it’s still active in War­zone Fire­fight) to fix the issue where kill cred­it would get assigned to the wrong team when the Grunt Mech decid­ed to kamikaze
  • Mis­cel­la­neous per­for­mance improve­ments and bug fixes


  • Fixed issue with Grenade launch­er pro­jec­tiles pass­ing through geometry
  • Low­ered Sniper Rifle hip aim assist
  • Reduced Plas­ma Cast­er fall-off dam­age range
  • Improved golf club dam­age and feel


  • Great­ly improved ren­der­ing per­for­mance on Forge objects with mate­r­i­al swap that was caus­ing fram­er­ate issues across many maps
  • Fixed issue where user maps were becom­ing corrupt/unloadable
  • Fixed issues where action descrip­tion text was incor­rect and/or confusing
  • Fixed an issue where “reset map state” did not work as intended
  • Fixed issue where game was forc­ing users into FOTUS Armor caus­ing a large hitch
  • Fixed issue where invis­i­ble Phaeton could become visible
  • Com­par­ing team val­ues now works as intended
  • Added “main­tain off­set” option to tele­porter properties
  • Can now select “score to win” as a val­ue source
  • Fixed issue where you could despawn held weapons for play­ers, caus­ing a bad state
  • Can no longer acci­den­tal­ly tar­get Mon­i­tor with scripts
  • When com­par­ing a play­er val­ue to a team val­ue, it will now only com­pare against the team the play­er belongs to
  • Round end con­di­tion now works as intended
  • Clas­sic Car­go Con­tain­er no longer has visu­al issues
  • Added mini game decal
  • Tar­get trans­forms now sup­port exclud­ing objects and players
  • Reset action now sup­ports reset­ting either the posi­tion or rota­tion of an object
  • Added local or world space sup­port for move­ment scripts
  • Round timer event can now trig­ger continuously
  • Improved spawn behav­ior using spawn order
  • Added “select near­est script­ed com­mand” to map options
  • Added action to allow users to force vari­able checks “force dirty”
  • Mis­cel­la­neous object col­li­sion fixes
  • Fixed mis­cel­la­neous vehi­cle weld­ing issues
  • Fixed issue when mod­i­fy­ing the physics type of joints
  • Fixed issue where script brains still had col­li­sion in play
  • Bound­aries now ren­der on objects that don’t have a pri­ma­ry col­or option
  • Val­ue source for num­ber of play­ers on a team now works properly
  • Con­tin­u­ous bound­ary check is now more accurate
  • Mis­cel­la­neous per­for­mance improve­ments and bug fixes

Halo 5: Forge

In addi­tion to all of the above, Halo 5: Forge on Win­dows 10 will also include:

  • Fixed mouse accel­er­a­tion issues with Spartan/vehicle/turret movement
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