Kingdom Hearts 3 And Final Fantasy 7 Remake Will Not Launch This Year

Accord­ing to a recent investors doc­u­ment for Square Enix, King­dom Hearts 3, the Final Fan­ta­sy 7 remake and the unnamed Mar­vel game will like­ly not see a 2017 release date. 

The doc­u­ment shows many of the com­pa­ny’s major releas­es and upcom­ing releas­es expect­ed to launch in fis­cal year 2018 which ends in March 2018. Future games slat­ed for at least 2017 includ­ed Drag­on Quest 11 and Final Fan­ta­sy 12: The Zodi­ac Age. King­dom Hearts 3, Final Fan­ta­sy 7 Remake, and the unnamed Mar­vel project cur­rent­ly have no esti­mat­ed release. While this is by no means an offi­cial announce­ment, it is a good indi­ca­tor that all three games won’t see a release any­time dur­ing 2017.

Kingdom Hearts 3 And Final Fantasy 7 Remake Will Not Launch This Year

This news is of course not much of a sur­prise. Mar­vel and Square Enix’s part­ner­ship was only con­firmed this year so the mar­vel game is like­ly in the ear­ly stages of devel­op­ment. Direc­tor Tet­suya Nomu­ra has stat­ed that nei­ther the Final Fan­ta­sy 7 Remake nor King­dom Hearts 3 were close to release. In fact ear­li­er this year Nomu­ra said that pro­duc­tion on unan­nounced worlds for King­dom Hearts 3 is still ongo­ing and “in terms of the state of devel­op­ment, there is still some way to go”. 

If an opti­mistic approach is tak­en, this means it is still pos­si­ble for both Final Fan­ta­sy 7 and King­dom Hearts 3 to launch in the lat­er half of 2018. The more like­ly out­come is that nei­ther title will see a launch any­time soon and at best we can expect more infor­ma­tion to come dur­ing E3 or anoth­er major press conference. 

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