Infinityward Outlines Upcoming Infinite Warfare Fixes

Infi­nite War­fare has been out for a while now and have seen mul­ti­ple patch­es and changes. While see­ing changes has been nice, cer­tain core fea­tures have not been avail­able yet, such as Leader­boards, Com­bat Records and Emblem Editing. 

Infin­i­ty­ward post­ed an open let­ter out­lin­ing upcom­ing changes they have com­ing. The let­ter post­ed on Red­dit touch­es on those subjects. 

Before the end of this month we’ll roll out Leader­boards, and by late Feb­ru­ary we’ll release Com­bat Records and the in-game edi­tor that allows for cus­tom emblem creation.”

While not avail­able right this sec­ond, Infin­i­ty­ward has giv­en us a release win­dow and thats more than we have been giv­en all year.

They also talk about the new­ly added team tac­ti­cal playlist. For those who don’t know, Team Tac­ti­cal is a spe­cial playlist on Infi­nite War­fare that is unique in that it has no dou­ble jump­ing move­ment and its own weapon bal­ance table. They talk about the suc­cess the playlist has had and how they are work­ing to add more game modes to the clas­sic feel­ing playlist.

We’ve received so much pos­i­tive feed­back about Tac­ti­cal TDM, so… we’ll be leav­ing this mode in permanently!”

Addi­tion­al­ly, we’re look­ing at what oth­er mul­ti­play­er modes might be fun to play with the char­ac­ter­is­tics of tac­ti­cal added to them. We’ll update you on that further.”

They are also mak­ing some changes to how long spe­cial playlist are avail­able to play in.

And, we know not every­one can play dur­ing the week­end, so we’ve decid­ed to make all of our fea­tured modes avail­able for an entire week instead of just a week­end, so you’ll have ample time to com­plete those chal­lenges and par­ty up with your friends.”

They also men­tioned the upcom­ing Sab­o­tage DLC

It’s our first DLC of the year and we couldn’t be more excit­ed to bring you four new mul­ti­play­er maps and a new zom­bies experience.”

The let­ter goes on to talk about how pro influ­ence the game, Peo­ple banned for exploit­ing keys dur­ing the hol­i­day and how we our­selves can con­tact them with sug­ges­tions. Swing over to The Let­ter on Red­dit and read about all Infin­i­ty­ward’s upcom­ing plans for Infi­nite Warfare.

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