Infinite Warfare Has a Small Update Today & Party Up 2X XP

Infin­i­ty Ward announced a slight update today on its own Sub­red­dit, regard­ing Call of Duty: Infi­nite War­fare. Adjust­ing a cou­ple of score­streaks, a map tweak, along with oth­er var­i­ous changes. 

You can see all the changes that were made today, below:

Gen­er­al Fixes

• Adjust­ed the R‑C8 – Mete­or vari­ant no longer deals mid-air fall dam­age (aside from the ini­tial drop) when boost­ing in the air. Also fixed a bug where ground pounds for the Mete­or were not always suc­cess­ful­ly activating

• Fixed an issue that caused the Trin­i­ty Rock­et side mis­siles to move too slowly

• Var­i­ous map fixes

• Drone Pack­age – Fuse: We now remove any dis­owned crates when the own­er dis­con­nects from the match. Also reduced the life­time of the crate to 60 seconds

• Uplink: Throw­back – Added col­li­sion to bounce the drone back instead of reset­ting in 15 poten­tial spots around the Press Box (areas where the play­er would be unable to reach the drone)

• Adjust­ed the Synap­tic sprint out fire times for the LMGs and Snipers to be in line with all oth­er Rigs (time it takes to shoot the weapon when the fire but­ton is pressed while sprinting)

• Fix for an issue where assist scores would not add to score­streak progress for the last kill in round based modes

Yes­ter­day, Infin­i­ty Ward also start­ed Par­ty Up 2X XP, which the dou­ble XP is obvi­ous­ly giv­en when you are in a par­ty. It start­ed yes­ter­day and runs until Mon­day, May 22nd. 

Infinite Warfare Has a Small Update Today & Party Up 2X XP

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