inExile Release Story Trailer For Torment: Tides of Numenera

inEx­ile has released a new sto­ry trail­er for their upcom­ing sci­ence-fan­ta­sy RPG Tor­ment: Tides of Numen­era.

Here is inEx­ile’s offi­cial description

A billion years in the future a man discovered a way to cheat death. A seeker of knowledge and wisdom, his ultimate goal was to leave an unforgettable mark on the world. In his quest for everlasting legacy, he discovered ancient technology – the Numenera – that allowed him to transfer his consciousness to a body of his own design. Thus he became known as the Changing God.
In a bid to escape death, the Changing God inadvertently awakened a fearsome, ancient beast known as The Sorrow – a terrifyingly powerful guardian of balance, bent on destroying the Changing God and all of his Castoffs.
It is at this point that the dramatic events of your birth unfold and your story to answer who you are, and what your legacy might be, begins…

Tor­ment: Tides of Numen­era is anoth­er CRPG inspired game from inEx­ile that build on what they did with pre­vi­ous works. That means the same focus on nar­ra­tive, play­er choice and tac­ti­cal turn based combat.

Per­haps the most unique aspect of the game is the way death is han­dled. Rather than a game over, when a play­er falls in com­bat they are sent to a Labyrinth with­in their own mind. This labyrinth is filled with jun­gles, stair­ways and ruined cities. As the play­er explores this labyrinth they are met with reflec­tion of com­pan­ions, con­nec­tions to past lives and new powers. 

 Tor­ment: Tides of Numen­era launch­es Feb­ru­ary 28th for PS4, Xbox One and PC.

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