Retur­nal has been out on the PS5 for close to a month, and devel­op­er House­mar­que has released some data about the rogue­like shoot­er. The data includes things like how many hours play­ers have played, play­er deaths, num­ber of ene­mies killed, and the most pop­u­lar weapon. How­ev­er, a sur­pris­ing data point is what killed so many players.

Over the past month, users have played a col­lec­tive total of six mil­lion hours in Retur­nal cycles, which is rough­ly 684 years of game­play. Through­out those runs, play­ers have tak­en out over a bil­lion ene­mies, while the AI them­selves have best­ed play­ers over nine mil­lion times.

One of the more sur­pris­ing stats revolves around the first boss, Phrike. As crazy at it seems, this ene­my has caused the most deaths among play­ers, which real­ly shows how chal­leng­ing the game is before you unlock any­thing of worth. The least sur­pris­ing sta­tis­tic is the favorite weapon used, since the Hol­lowseek­er is quite pow­er­ful and has some of the best modifications.

Retur­nal has been reg­u­lar­ly receiv­ing updates which con­tin­ues to bal­ance the game and fix crash­es as well as oth­er tech­ni­cal prob­lems. House­mar­que has also stat­ed they are active­ly look­ing into a save sys­tem for the game.