Horizon: Zero Dawn Shows Off Four of the Large Machines

With the date fast approach­ing on Hori­zon: Zero Dawn, Guer­ril­la Games has released sev­er­al trail­ers to show their larg­er machines and gave some details regard­ing what dead­ly equip­ment each crea­ture has.


The first in this list is Thun­der­jaw. He is in the com­bat-class and one of the dead­liest machines you will encounter in the game. Equipped with can­nons, disc launch­ers, and a  mouth laser, it has pow­er­ful ranged attacks that could quick­ly kill you if you are fool­ish enough to alert it. It also has dev­as­tat­ing melee attacks in the form of charges and tail whips. It does have soft spots in it’s “brain and heart cores.”



Sec­ond, is Snap­maw of the acqui­si­tion-class, which is a very fast water-based machine where it gath­ers mate­ri­als from sed­i­ment in or around bod­ies of water. So be care­ful, because it is very much like a croc­o­dile. When alert­ed, it moves with fero­cious speed and has sev­er­al melee attack that include pow­er­ful bites and tail whips. It’s ranged attack con­sists of the Freeze Burst, which is a cryo mor­tar that freeze its foe on impact. It is vul­ner­a­ble to fire dam­age and has a Cryo Sac right under­neath its jaw which you can blow up to destroy the machine. 



Storm­bird is also among the com­bat-class and looks to be a very tough fight. It has four attacks in total, three which do shock damage:

  • Shock Blast
  • Shock Burst 
  • Thun­der Bomb Run 
  • Hur­ri­cane Blast 

This bird is just as dan­ger­ous in air as it is on land, and is described as being “all-ter­rain.” The only way to dis­pose of this fly­ing men­ace it to destroy the Light­ing Gun on the Storm­bird’s chest. 



Last, is the Behe­moth, which is part of the trans­port-class. This machine uses anti-grav­i­ty to hurl rocks and oth­er heavy objects at its ene­mies when, it feels pro­voked. It also charges them and is equipped with a set of grind­ing drills, which it uses to grind a pro­pel rock pro­jec­tiles. It has Cryo Can­is­ters attached to it’s body, which you can use to freeze the machine, as well as destroy­ing the grav­i­ty gen­er­a­tors. You can also destroy the hinges to remove the car­go canister.


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