H1Z1: Just Survive Drops H1Z1

Day­break Game Com­pa­ny’s zom­bie sur­vival MMO H1Z1: Just Sur­vive has changed its name, it is now Just Sur­vive. It will fea­ture an entire­ly new map and lore, for­mal­ly break­ing from H1Z1 and it’s universe.

A new nar­ra­tive has been estab­lished, sep­a­rat­ing Just Sur­vive from the H1Z1 uni­verse. Just Survive’s rebrand­ing and con­tent update rep­re­sents the devel­op­ment team’s evolved vision for the game and lays the foun­da­tion for future updates in the months to come,” — Day­break Press Release

Just Sur­vive is also get­ting an entire­ly new map. Titled Bad­wa­ter Canyon, which is being rolled out over time. A new Strong­hold sys­tem is also being intro­duced. Day­break says, “Play­ers can build robust struc­tures and for­ti­fy them with an array of defens­es and traps to fend off coor­di­nat­ed attacks,”

  “Chal­leng­ing play­ers with oppor­tu­ni­ties to attack and defend, Strong­holds encour­age cre­ative prob­lem solv­ing. In addi­tion, these bases can be cus­tomized by play­ers, to make their in-game homes unique.”

Weapons have been com­plete­ly rebuilt from scratch, each one fine tuned to “look and feel unique”, melee com­bat was also improved with a new hit reg­is­tra­tion sys­tem and attack animation.

H1Z1 is no stranger to change. It start­ed as zom­bie sur­vival MMO H1Z1, then it split in to two games, H1Z1: Just Sur­vive and H1Z1: King Of The Kill. After this lat­est change there will only be one H1Z1 game, H1Z1: King Of The Kill. Bonus fun fact, H1Z1: King Of The Kill does­n’t actu­al­ly have any zom­bies in it. If you want to read the patch notes in their entire­ty, head over here to Just Sur­vive’s web­site and check out the patch notes.

There are plans to bring Just Sur­vive over to Playsta­tion 4 and Xbox One but no release date nor infor­ma­tion was given.

Just Sur­vive is avail­able via ear­ly access on steam for PC. No release date hast been set.

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