H1Z1 Bringing Battle Royal to PS4 in May

Ter­rence Yee, a pro­duc­er of H1Z1, announced the game would be com­ing to PS4 as a free-to-play title next month. He also out­lined some of what peo­ple can expect when play­ing it. Although this isn’t a unique con­cept, it seems there will be some dif­fer­ences between this Bat­tle Roy­al and others. 

Yee stat­ed the team was focus­ing on “core game­play expe­ri­ence to keep play­ers engaged in all the action. This means more guns, more vehi­cles, more weapons, a stream­lined UI, famil­iar con­sole con­trols and faster matches—it’s pure bat­tle royale.”

H1Z1 Bringing Battle Royal to PS4 in May

Air drops are a big deal in this Bat­tle Roy­al. Expect to see them fre­quent­ly and in mass­es, which you need for bet­ter gear and weapons. There are also six new guns avail­able: the KH43, Maraud­er, MK46, Com­bat Shot­gun, CNQ-09 and Scout Rifle. Instead of a storm, (like Fort­nite) there is gas, which will obvi­ous­ly speed up the process of find­ing oth­er play­ers. Match­es will only last 15 minutes. 

H1Z1 Bringing Battle Royal to PS4 in May

Cur­rent­ly, H1Z1 is in closed beta for PS4, but you can sign up for a spot, here. There’ll be an open beta avail­able for all PS4 play­ers on May 22nd. 

Source: PlaySta­tion

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