Gwent: The Witcher Card Game’s Closed Beta Finally Goes Public

CD Pro­jekt Red announced today Gwent closed beta has final­ly become avail­able for the pub­lic as they have made it an open beta for the PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

Since the release of The Witch­er 3: Wild Hunt, CD Pro­jekt Red has heard a lot of demand for a stand­alone ver­sion of its in-game card game Gwent. For the last year, the team has been try­ing to make that hap­pen, with the closed beta only being for PC. This time, the open beta will avail­able to all PC and con­sole play­ers, which hope­ful­ly gives them a good feedback. 

For those who nev­er played Gwent, it is a very sim­ple game: col­lect a numer­ous amount of char­ac­ters to build a deck con­sist­ing of spells and oth­er ele­ments from the Witch­er game, then two play­ers face of in a duel against each oth­er. Every match con­sists of 3‑rounds that starts off with you and your oppo­nent draw­ing 10 cards from your deck. Then each play­er plays one card a turn which can be placed into three cat­e­gories: melee, ranged or siege. To win, you need two of the three rounds under your belt by gath­er­ing more points than your oppo­nent in each one. 

There is a new mul­ti­play­er mode, ranked mode, new cards and abil­i­ties, plus a com­plete visu­al overhaul. 

Gwent: The Witcher Card Game's Closed Beta Finally Goes Public Gwent: The Witcher Card Game's Closed Beta Finally Goes Public

You have five playable fac­tions to choose from, all the ones from the Witch­er: the North­ern Realms, Skel­lige, Mon­sters, Scoia’­tael, and the Nil­f­gaar­dian Empire. Each one has its own playstyle and each one has its own weak­ness. For instance, Mon­sters will lie most of its cards down off the bat to try and over­whelm the oppo­nent to win, but by doing so it can run out of cards to use. 

To read more about what CD Pro­jekt Red had to say about the updat­ed Gwent game, here.

Source: PlaySta­tion Blog, CD Pro­jekt Red


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