GTA V Online Gets Another New Car and Game Mode

Rock­star tweet­ed yes­ter­day the arrival of a new vehi­cle and a new game mode for its very pop­u­lar GTA Online. They did­n’t just announce these two addi­tions to the mul­ti­play­er world, but also the lat­est bonus­es and discounts.

The brand new car which is titled the Dew­bauchee Specter. Rock­star stat­ed: “This two-door Sports coupé is at its heart the gold stan­dard for exclu­siv­i­ty, and Ben­ny is on hand to strip it down to its core before reassem­bling it as a light­weight, super-cus­tomiz­able beast.” Right now there is a 25% dis­count on Ben­ny’s Upgrades and the Exec­u­tive Upgrades that bring the shop to your garage until Jan­u­ary 30th.

GTA V Online Gets Another New Car and Game Mode

Along with this sports car, there is a new Adver­sary Mode: Col­lec­tion Time. In Col­lec­tion Time two to four teams bat­tle to steal and keep the most points until a giv­en time peri­od. A play­er starts with one mon­ey bag, once that play­er dies the bag will be dropped and up for grabs by all oth­er play­ers. The team with the most bags when the timer runs out, wins. Start­ing Jan­u­ary 17th until Jan­u­ary 30th, earn dou­ble GTA$ and RP when you play Col­lec­tion Time. 

Also through Jan­u­ary 30th there will dou­ble GTA$ and RP on Bik­er Club­house Con­tracts and Spe­cial Vehi­cle Work. Plus, get 25% off on all of this stuff until Jan­u­ary 30th:

  • Ben­ny’s Upgrades
  • Exec­u­tive Garage Renovations
  • Exec­u­tive Cus­tom Auto Shop Renovations
  • Bik­er Busi­ness Properties
  • All Import/Export Tattoos

GTA V Online Gets Another New Car and Game Mode

The Pre­mi­um Race for the rest of the month of Jan­u­ary is Chil­i­ad. Place in the the top three in this Non- Con­tact Point-to-Point Super Race to bag your­self some big GTA$ prizes. Even if you don’t place, you will win triple RP when­ev­er you finish. 


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