GTA Online Stunt Race Event: Check it Out

Rock­star has announced anoth­er Stunt Race Event for its still pop­u­lar online mul­ti­play­er game. It is going to fea­ture 15 brand new stunt races, along with lots of oth­er goodies.

Besides the 15 new stunt races, there is also going to be dou­ble GTA$ and RP for the entire Rock­star Cre­at­ed and Rock­star Ver­i­fied Stunt Races. Just find the Stunt Series icon to quick­ly get into a race. You can also claim the Pink Jock­ey Cran­ley endorsed Stunt Jump­suit by just log­ging in. 

GTA Online Stunt Race Event: Check it Out

As you can see, this event start­ed yes­ter­day and runs through until March 13th. Rock­star has updat­ed the in-game Stunt Series on your map with the 15 new races but you can also book­mark them in the Social Club. The new races and their links to the Social Club are below:

Rock­star is cel­e­brat­ing the Stunt Race Event with a with a 25% dis­count on some vehi­cles, as well as Stunt Clothing:

  • Annis RE-7B 
  • Emper­or ETR1 
  • Vapid Desert Raid
  • Vapid Tro­phy Truck 
  • Obey Omnis 
  • Lam­pa­dati Tro­pos Rallye 
  • Liv­er­ies
  • Stunt Tat­toos 
  • Stunt Cloth­ing 

You can also invest you earned dou­ble GTA$ into a Vehi­cle Ware­house, which is also 25% off. 

Pre­mi­um Race Schedule

  • 2/28 — 3/6: “Pier Race” (locked to Super class vehicles)
  • 3/7 — 3/13: “In The City” (locked to Sports class vehicles)

Time Tri­als Sched­ule 

  • 2/27 — 3/5: “Up-n-Atom”
  • 3/6 — 3/12: “Maze Bank Arena”
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