GTA Online: New Car, New Adversary Mode, & Discounts

True to Rock­star’s nature, anoth­er new vehi­cle, Adver­sary Mode, and dis­counts are hap­pen­ing this week, right after the exten­sion from last week’s dis­counts in GTA Online. Four years and new items and modes are still com­ing out for play­ers to enjoy.

New Vehi­cle — Pegas­si Torero

The Pegas­si Torero is a Sports Clas­sic that you can now get from the Leg­endary Motor­sport today. Engine upgrades are 25% off now through July 31st, so get to modding.

GTA Online: New Car, New Adversary Mode, & Discounts

New Adver­sary Mode — Pow­er Mad

GTA Online: New Car, New Adversary Mode, & Discounts

In the lat­est Adver­sary Mode, teams of two to four play­ers must fight for the pos­ses­sion of the pow­er up, Jug­ger­naut. This turns the play­er into a heav­i­ly armored “men­ace” who’s objec­tive is to stay alive and fill up the meter to score a point. If the Jug­ger­naut dies before the meter is filled, the pow­er-up is dropped, so anoth­er can try their luck. You will earn Dou­ble GTA$ and RP in Pow­er Mad now through July 31st.

Bunker Research Boost — Ammu-Nation Sale

  • Research speeds are boost­ed by 25% to help you get Gun­run­ning weapon attach­ments, Weaponized Vehi­cle upgrades and more.
  • Hope­ful­ly, you get to take advan­tage of the faster research speeds, because  Weapon and Vehi­cle Work­shop mod­ules are 25% off now through July 31st.

Ammu-Nation has a huge sale, 25% on:

  • ALL Hand­guns
  • ALL Machine Guns (includ­ing Sub­ma­chine Guns)
  • ALL Assault Rifles
  • ALL Sniper Rifles

Not to men­tion all Engine Upgrades are 25% off.

Pre­mi­um Race & Time Tri­al Schedule

July 25th — 31st

  • Pre­mi­um Race — “Trench III” (Locked to Bikes)
  • Time Tri­al — “Cypress Flats

Source: Rock­star

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