Obsid­i­an’s adven­ture-sur­vival game Ground­ed, just received a new update which adds fly­ing insects to the Xbox and PC title for the first time.

Bees, mos­qui­tos and fire­flies are final­ly mak­ing an appear­ance in the game, along­side the exist­ing ground bugs like ants and spi­ders. Obsid­i­an stat­ed in a blog post that fly­ing insects have been at the top of request list from the com­mu­ni­ty since the game launched.

Addi­tion­al­ly, the new update adds more craftable items which are, of course, made of the new­ly fea­tured fly­ing crea­tures. The new items include Bee armor, a Fire­fly head lamp and a rapi­er-like weapon made out of a the mos­qui­to’s nee­dle. You can only craft these items ones you’ve killed these cor­re­spond­ing insect.

On top of all of this, Obsid­i­an also added a new shield which can be craft­ed from wee­vil parts. This shield allows you to block cer­tain attacks that were pre­vi­ous­ly unable to be blocked.

This update also brought a few qual­i­ty-of-life updates to Ground­ed. Equipped items will not longer take up inven­to­ry space, only equipped item spaces. Because of this, all items that are equipped on your char­ac­ter will no longer be dropped once you die, just your back­pack items. This should make it eas­i­er to get back to those items.

Ground­ed is still an ear­ly access game on Xbox and PC