Ghost Recon: Wildlands Gets Update 3.0 Today, Check it Out

Ubisoft has been work­ing very hard to keep Ghost Recon: Wild­lands the best game it can pos­si­bly be and this lat­est update def­i­nite­ly shows it.

Update 3.0 is not a super large update, only 5.3 GB on con­soles and 6.5 GB on PC, but it imple­ments a lot of impor­tant changes. Of course the basic improve­ments to sta­bil­i­ty and bug fix­ing are always present, they also used some play­er feed­back to improve the expe­ri­ence. They gave an examples:

We fixed the Kingslay­er files counter on the tacmap for the Media Luna and Inca Cam­i­na regions for those who are col­lect­ing every piece of intel around the map. We fixed a rare issue that left some play­ers with their XP bars stuck at a cer­tain lev­el. XP boost­ers will now dis­play the num­ber of hours they last, and play­ers who report­ed prob­lems unlock­ing intel and mis­sions while play­ing in co-op should have a smoother expe­ri­ence now. Addi­tion­al­ly, we also addressed the reports of play­ers stat­ing the ADV sup­pres­sor abil­i­ty wasn’t work­ing prop­er­ly for them.” 

Ubisoft also added the first Live Sea­son Chal­lenges for Wild­lands. You will receive these chal­lenges week­ly, where orders will be giv­en to com­plete dif­fer­ent objec­tives, some you can com­plete play­ing solo and some you need the help of your Task Force. Upon com­plet­ing all chal­lenges you will unlock var­i­ous sea­son­al rewards, so try not to miss out. 

The full patch notes for Update 3.0 are below, with PC spe­cif­ic ones at the bottom:

Update 3.0


  • -First Sea­son of Live Sea­son Chal­lenges will be live on Tues­day, April 18th. The chal­lenges and their require­ments will be acces­si­ble from the game menu once the play­er is in-game.


  • -Fixed a bug where the GPS would dis­play the route for “El Emis­ario” instead of “Spe­cial Transport”
  • -Fixed “The Chemist” tele­port­ing when escap­ing in cer­tain situations
  • -Reload prompt no longer appears when access­ing the com­mand wheel
  • -Fixed “Mar­cus Jensen” mis­sion not updat­ing for the client while in 2‑players coop
  • -Fixed an infi­nite XP exploit in extract missions
  • -Fixed a bug where the VIP would­n’t appear in the truck when replay­ing “Death Truck”
  • -Fixed a bug where “Tar­get too far” would stay on screen in “The Mole” mis­sion after locat­ing the Unidad captain
  • -Fixed mis­sions NPC not spawn­ing if the play­er leaves and return to the area in “The mule doctors”
  • -Fixed a bug where El Cere­bro’s Assis­tant would not get into the car after fail­ing the mis­sion in “El Cerebro”
  • -Fixed Bow­man’s call not trig­ger­ing if the play­er fast trav­el dur­ing Pac Katar­i’s call
  • -Fixed the jour­nal­ist not exit­ing the car if anoth­er play­er com­pletes the “Free the jour­nal­ist” objec­tive in “The journalist”

User Inter­face

  • -Fixed a bug where the play­er could get stuck in the menus after val­i­dat­ing a tutorial
  • -Fixed GPS blink­ing when the play­er moves far away from the target
  • -Fixed wrong num­ber of Kingslay­er files dis­played on the tacmap in Media Luna and Inca Camina
  • -Fixed the “Con­trols” sec­tion of the options menu not respond­ing in cer­tain occasions
  • -Fixed a bug where the “Return to area of oper­a­tions” mes­sage would remain on the screen even after return­ing to the area of operations
  • -Fixed a bug where the objec­tive of sys­temic activ­i­ties would not dis­play on the HUD
  • -Press­ing the R3 but­ton while in pas­sen­ger posi­tion of a vehi­cle will now dis­play rear view


  • -Added a new pub­lic match­mak­ing cri­te­ria based on dif­fi­cul­ty level
  • -Fixed a bug where a join­ing play­er could not see a NPC grabbed by a peer
  • -Fixed intels not unlock­ing for play­ers enter­ing the province last, despite the mis­sion being playable via mis­sion sharing
  • -Fixed SAM incom­ing mis­sile alert not being repli­cat­ed in coop
  • -Fixed visu­al effects of the “don’t press me” but­ton not repli­cat­ing in coop mode
  • -Fixed absence of vari­a­tion in the heli­copter sound in co-op
  • -Fixed Sup­pres­sors some­times not repli­cat­ing cor­rect­ly when chang­ing weapon in the loadout
  • -Fixed a bug where the mis­sion “the Agent” would be com­plet­ed for only one play­er when the drone bat­tery runs dry just after the con­ver­sa­tion is finished
  • -Fixed a bug where the play­er could not inter­act with the ral­ly point door if anoth­er play­er fin­ished watch­ing the cinematic


  • -Type 95 LMG’s Extend­ed mag­a­zines can now be used in-game upon purchase
  • -Fixed the play­er sur­viv­ing falls when stick­ing to a wall
  • -Play­er can no longer take cov­er behind destroyed destructibles
  • -Fixed the play­er occa­sion­al­ly shak­ing when tak­ing cover
  • -Fixed XP stuck for play­ers in very rare occurrences
  • -Fixed a bug allow­ing the play­er to prone and fire through walls
  • -Fixed a bug where the play­er could­n’t take cov­er when exit­ing a vehicle
  • -The San­ta Muerte heli­copter now has the same han­dling as the oth­ers helicopters
  • -Fixed vehi­cles not explod­ing when col­lid­ing with the train
  • -Fixed a bug allow­ing the play­er to clip through walls with a motorcycle
  • -Fixed a bug where the Unidad alert lev­el could drop from 4 to 0 when a rein­force­ment wave is cleaned
  • -The ADV Sup­pres­sor skill now prop­er­ly affects dam­age reduc­tion on all weapons.
  • -Fixed a bug where a weapon would become unus­able if equipped in the load­out while the play­er swapped weapons
  • -Fixed a bug where the play­er could not re-equip the sup­pres­sor back on Silen­cio once they viewed the weapon with­out it in Gunsmith.


  • -Fixed Amaru not hav­ing a radio voice while trav­el­ling by helicopter
  • -Fixed miss­ing sound effect when a boat col­lides with the shore
  • -Fixed SAM detec­tion sound repeat­ing itself if the play­er exits the range in time
  • -Fixed audio feed­back on incom­ing missiles
  • -Improved radio con­tent randomization
  • -Fixed a bug where the AI team­mates would repeat the same idle dia­logues sev­er­al times
  • -Fixed absence of sound when a heli­copter crashes
  • -Fixed nar­ra­tive dia­logues replay­ing after each redeployment


  • -Fixed an occa­sion­al graph­ic cor­rup­tion on the road tex­ture when enter­ing and exit­ing pause menu
  • -Fixed graph­ic cor­rup­tion when col­lid­ing a vehi­cle with a trash can
  • -Fixed the Unidad cos­tume clip­ping through the cam­era in First-per­son view
  • -Fixed the NPCs not posi­tion­ing cor­rect­ly when enter­ing a 30° inclined vehicle
  • -The female pony­tail hair­style is no longer clip­ping with the San­ta Muerte costume
  • -Fixed a rare bug caus­ing fps drops on long game sessions


  • -XP boost­ers now dis­play the num­ber of hours they last
  • -“New vehi­cle unlocked” pop-up won’t acti­vate every time a vehi­cle pack is collected
  • -Fixed sea­son pass appear­ing as bro­ken in the store when already purchased
  • -The “Com­pen­sator V2-SMG” can now be attached to SMG’s


  • -Repo­si­tioned Leg­end col­lectible in the Media Luna province
  • -Fixed mul­ti­ple places where the play­er could get stuck
  • -Fixed var­i­ous world build­ing glitches
  • -Fixed boats spawn­ing on top of each oth­er in Agua Verde


  • -Fixed var­i­ous crash­es and glitches
PC Spe­cif­ic Fixes
  • -Mul­ti­ple sta­bil­i­ty issues addressed
  • -Solved a local­iza­tion prob­lem with the store page
  • -Fixed a case where Task Force mem­ber­ship wasn’t prop­er­ly displayed
  • -Sev­er­al Steam Con­troller tweaks and bug fixes
  • -UI con­trol reminders now change auto­mat­i­cal­ly from con­troller to mouse and key­board upon mouse input
  • -Solved map­ping con­flicts when remap­ping next or pre­vi­ous vehicle
  • -Fixed an issue about the “hold” gauge when rede­ploy­ing on team mates
  • -Game lan­guage can be changed from Uplay launcher
  • -The Load­out tab is now func­tion­al when switch­ing from Fac­tions tab with a controller
  • -Right click now edits the select­ed weapon slot

Also imple­ment­ed fix­es and improve­ments for both Ghost Recon Net­work and Ghost Recon HQ.


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