A new arcade game has made its way into Bor­der­lands 3, except this one has real-world ben­e­fits. Bor­der­lands Sci­ence will help the sci­en­tif­ic com­mu­ni­ty as you play and giv­ing you a rewards for doing so.

You can find the game in the cor­ner of Doc­tor Tan­nis’ infir­mary on Sanc­tu­ary III. It was devel­oped in con­junc­tion with McGill Uni­ver­si­ty, Mas­sive­ly Mul­ti­play­er Online Sci­ence and The Microset­ta Initiative.

Bor­der­lands Sci­ence presents sim­ple block puz­zles based on strands of DNA, and solv­ing them helps map and com­pare microbes con­tained there­in. Essen­s­tial­ly, you’ll be assist­ing in map­ping the human gut microbiome.

Gearbox Introduces Borderlands Science to Borderlands 3

Com­put­ers aren’t per­fect at orga­niz­ing the data and make lots of small mis­takes that cor­rupt analy­sis, but by play­ing the game you solve this com­plex task in an easy to under­stand way. Col­ored tiles rep­re­sent­ing dif­fer­ent nucleotides; you nudge them up with­in their columns attempt­ing to orga­nize them into cor­rect rows. It’s not always pos­si­ble to line up all of the tiles cor­rect­ly. How­ev­er, attempt­ing to solve these puz­zles still helps, as you’re iden­ti­fy­ing real-world errors.

Each Bor­der­lands Sci­ence puz­zle has a tar­get score you need to reach in order to progress and get cred­it for solv­ing it. Hit­ting a puz­zle’s tar­get score does­n’t mean you have to move to the next one. Often, there will be extra moves you can make. Going above and beyond the bare min­i­mum is key if you want to beat the high scores already post­ed by Tan­nis. You’ll also be con­tribut­ing more data.

Gearbox Introduces Borderlands Science to Borderlands 3

By map­ping these microbes, the hope is that sci­en­tist will be able to bet­ter under­stand the ecosys­tems with­in the human gut. Dia­betes, depres­sion, autism, anx­i­ety, obe­si­ty and more ali­ments have been linked to the human gut. A bet­ter under­stand­ing may help guide future research into nov­el treat­ments and inter­ven­tions. For more infor­ma­tion you can vis­it The Microset­ta Ini­tia­tive. If you want to learn more about the meth­ods, check out dnapuzzles.org.

Play­ers who com­plete these puz­zles will also receive in-game cur­ren­cy, which can redeemed for a num­ber of items includ­ing Vault Hunter Heads and Skins, as well as timed boost­ers that buff your stats, loot qual­i­ty and even expe­ri­ence gains.

Source: Gear­box