Game Mode and Patch coming to Battlefield 1

Accord­ing to a news post on the offi­cial Bat­tle­field web­site, a new game mode is com­ing Jan­u­ary 18th.  This mode, called Bleed Out, is “a cus­tom ver­sion of Rush where downed ene­my sol­diers respawn faster than usu­al and regen­er­a­tive health is turned off.”


The post also men­tioned a patch set to come out in Feb­ru­ary, with the promise of more details and full patch notes to come soon.


In Meta:  This is absolute­ly the right direc­tion for DICE to be tak­ing this game in.  On a per­son­al lev­el, the lim­it­ed selec­tion of maps and modes drove this game stale very quick­ly.  It’s good to see a fresh con­tent com­ing to the game, espe­cial­ly for free.  It might even be enough to tide fans over until the first expan­sion in March.

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