Friday the 13th Will No Longer Allow You to Kill Your Teammates

Fri­day the 13th The Game is look­ing at some big changes soon, at least regard­ing the way oth­er play­ers inter­act with each oth­er dur­ing Pub­lic Games. This is due to the ram­pant killing sprees or “Bat­tle Royale sce­nario” as Gun Media put it, so they felt changes need­ed to be made.

Play­ers, as camp coun­selors, would run around using var­i­ous weapons just killing oth­er coun­selors and not real­ly play­ing the game as it should be played. So, in the next patch that is released, play­ers will not be able to kill oth­er play­ers with the shot­gun, machete, or oth­er assort­ment of items found at the camp grounds. They will have no effect on friend­ly players.

Gun Media did state there would still be some remain­ing dan­gers; like the car, because it is a car and can still kill you if it runs you over. Coun­selor-placed bear-traps will still deal dam­age and any result­ing trap deaths will not result in a XP Penal­ty. So pay atten­tion for well placed traps!

The ram­pant killing of coun­selors has been an ongo­ing prob­lem for some time, as play­ers have expressed in forum posts of 80% of lob­bies that were being griefed by play­ers who would just kill oth­er coun­selors. Gun Media changed the mechan­ic despite what its intend­ed use was:

Our team believes that the abil­i­ty to hurt oth­er coun­selors is some­thing that this game should have as it adds ten­sion and requires play­ers to make tough calls. How­ev­er, we do not believe this should be a mechan­ic that is abused by play­ers to the point where the vast major­i­ty of our cur­rent com­mu­ni­ca­tions from fans are com­plaints of rampant/unwarranted team-killing/­grief­in­g/trolling. We will include this mechan­ic in pri­vate match­es for now, with the hope of bet­ter options in the future.”

Gun Medi­a’s Patch Notes

*Pub­lic Match­es — Team Killing is No Longer Possible

*Pub­lic Match­es — Cars Can Still Kill

*Pub­lic Match­es — Traps Still Can Hurt/Kill — no XP penal­ty Loss to Trap Placer

*Pri­vate Match­es — Team Killing Still Possible

*Can’t Have Nice Things.

Source: Gun Media/Reddit Post

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