Microsoft announced four more games com­ing to their Xbox Game Pass sub­scrip­tion ser­vice. The com­pa­ny just released sev­er­al games a week ago, so these titles feel like an added bonus. 

Two of the four titles are being released today, the oth­er two eight days lat­er. There are two for PC, while three will be avail­able for con­sole sub­scribers. Microsoft also list­ed the next set of games that will be leav­ing Game Pass.

Coming Soon

Four More Games Are Heading to Xbox Game Pass
  • Out of the Park Base­ball 21 (PC) — today
  • Soul­cal­ibur VI (con­sole) — today
  • Cross­Code (con­sole) — July 9th
  • Fall­out 76 (con­sole & PC) — July 9th

Leaving on July 15th

  • Blaz­ing Chrome (con­sole & PC)
  • Dead Ris­ing 4 (con­sole & PC)
  • Met­al Gear Sol­id V (con­sole & PC)
  • Time­spin­ner (PC)
  • Unavowed (PC)
  • Under­tale (PC)

Source: Xbox