Today dur­ing the Square Enix Presents Live Steam we got our first look at some game­play from Lumi­nous Pro­duc­tion’s Project Athia. Project Athia now as a final name, Forspoken. 

For­spo­ken is an action RPG where play­ers take on the role of Frey, a young woman who must user her mag­i­cal pow­ers to sur­vive in the dan­ger­ous world of Athia. Launch­ing exclu­sive­ly for the PS5 and PC in 2022. Check out the trail­er below.

The trail­er above show­cas­es some sto­ry moments as well as some game­play show­ing how Frey moves quick­ly and flu­id­ly around her envi­ron­ment. We even get a look at some com­bat and the ene­mies she will be facing. 

Forspoken, Formally Known As Project Athia Coming To PS5 And PC In 2022

Forspoken will be available for the PlayStation5 and PC in 2022