Final Fantasy 12 Remake Release Date Confirmed

Final Fan­ta­sy XII: The Zodi­ac Age will release July 11 for PlaySta­tion 4. 

The announce­ment comes from Final Fan­ta­sy’s 30th Anniver­sary cel­e­bra­tion in Tokyo. While no new game­play or video was shown, a new piece of art­work was shown.

Final Fantasy 12 Remake Release Date Confirmed

The Final Fan­ta­sy 12 remake will include changes beyond bet­ter graph­ics. For the first time in the west there will be a 12 job-char­ac­ter sys­tem called the Zodi­ac Sys­tem. A num­ber of bat­tles have been rebal­anced to make the game more con­sis­tent. Play­ers can choose to move 2 or 4 times faster depend­ing on whether they are in fields or else­where. Audio changes include 7.1 sur­round sound and the option between Eng­lish or Japan­ese voices. 

Two addi­tion­al game modes are being added to the game. Tri­al mode is a series of 100 stages that requires play­ers to change their gam­bits to com­plete every bat­tle. Once tri­al mode is com­plet­ed, a new mode opens up. This mode described as a new game where “You’re basi­cal­ly start­ing off at lev­el 1 and you’re not going to get any expe­ri­ence points”.

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