It’s only a cou­ple of days until Ubisoft For­ward and, of course, one of their big reveals was leaked before the event. It seems noth­ing is sacred any­more. Ubisoft bar­ley bat­ted an eye­lash, acknowl­edg­ing the leak with a short teas­er on Twitter.

The clip shows Gian­car­lo Espos­i­to, from Break­ing Bad, smok­ing a cig­ar. It’s not much of a sur­prise for some, since this was part of the leak for the Far Cry 6. The game takes place in a trop­i­cal par­adise called Yara, which is ruled by Espos­i­to’s char­ac­ter, Anton Castil­lo, and his son Diego.

The tweet con­tains a rather cheeky ref­er­ence to past roles Espos­i­to has played, includ­ing Gus Fring form Break­ing Bad and Moff Gideon from The Man­dalo­ri­an. These char­ac­ters are known for being bad dudes, and Anton is no different.

Far Cry 6 was leaked on the Hong Kong PlaySta­tion Store, which revealed Espos­i­to as a main char­ac­ter. The list­ing has been removed, but not before it unveiled a free upgrade from PS4 to PS5. You can see the list­ing below:

Far Cry 6 Was Leaked Today, So Ubisoft Released A Teaser Trailer

Accord­ing to the page, the game will launch on Feb­ru­ary 18th, 2021.