The ever pop­u­lar bat­tle royale, Fall Guys, has been expe­ri­enc­ing some­thing of a cheat­ing issue, a typ­i­cal prob­lem for many online mul­ti­play­er titles. The game’s devel­op­er, Medi­a­ton­ic, has pro­vid­ed an update on how they plan to address cheaters in the future. They plan on adding the same anti-cheat tools that Fort­nite uses — with­in the “next cou­ple of weeks.”

Fall Guys play­ers have found ways to run faster, float in the air and clip into walls in order to gain an advan­tage. Medi­a­ton­ic told GameSpot via email, that they’ve been work­ing on the cheat­ing issues as quick­ly as they can, while reit­er­at­ing their stance on cheaters:

Cheat­ing and oth­er hacks to boost per­for­mance take away from the enjoy­ment of every­one and we are active­ly work­ing to address this now.”

Unfor­tu­nate­ly, Fall Guys does­n’t have an in-game report­ing sys­tem, some­thing that will like­ly be imple­ment­ed down the road.