All the Expenses of Destiny 2: What You Should Spend Your Glimmer On

Glim­mer is one of the #1 cur­ren­cies in Des­tiny 2 and if you are not quite sure what to spend it on, we can help. There are many ways to blow all that 99,999+ Glim­mer you might have. Below is a list of some items that could great­ly ben­e­fit you while grind­ing for that high­er Light level:

1. Gear Mod­i­fi­ca­tions

This is the num­ber one item to buy with you well earned Glim­mer. Of course, this is after you beat the game, and can access the new Tow­er. For those who are unaware, your Glim­mer can grant you ran­dom mod­i­fi­ca­tions from the Gun­smith (Ban­shee-44). You get a ran­dom Armor or Weapon mod and a rare (blue) mods. These are super valu­able though, so it’s worth the 2,500 Glim­mer you have to spend on each one.

All the Expenses of Destiny 2: What You Should Spend Your Glimmer On
Blue Ran­dom Mods can be pur­chased here at the Gunsmith

Unfor­tu­nate­ly, this means you could end up a ran­dom assort­ment of mods. How­ev­er, you can take all the blue mods you have to the Gun­smith and exchange them for Leg­endary ones. It takes 3 rares to make a leg­endary, so it’s becomes extreme­ly expen­sive to try and acquire a spe­cif­ic mod for a spe­cif­ic piece of gear.

There is also a very rare Kinet­ic Weapon Mod that does­n’t drop as often. They only way to get this is to dis­man­tle Leg­endary Gear mods you won’t use and get Mod Com­po­nents. You have to hand in 2 of these and 1,000 Glim­mer to even attempt to get a Kinet­ic Weapon Mod.

All the Expenses of Destiny 2: What You Should Spend Your Glimmer On
This is where you can cre­ate leg­endary armor or weapon mods, by hand­ing in 2 Leg­endary mod components.

2. Equip­ping Mods to Your Gear

It’s not enough the Gun­smith wants all your Glim­mer to get enough rare mods, but the expense to equip leg­endary mods is crazy. Rare mods cost 250 to equip your gear, were as leg­endary mods cost 5,000 Glim­mer to equip. It’s quite a large gap.

It’s also worth it, espe­cial­ly if your Light lev­el is in the upper 280’s  (Pow­er­ful Engrams real­ly help boost your Light lev­el as well), these mods add 5 defense to your Armor and 5 Arc, Solar, Void, or Kinet­ic attack to your Weapons.

All the Expenses of Destiny 2: What You Should Spend Your Glimmer On

3. Infu­sion

Infu­sion is yet anoth­er cost­ly addi­tion to the gear + mod equa­tion. Leg­en­daries can be infused with rares, Leg­en­daries, or an Exot­ic. The odd thing is, one cost more than the oth­er. If you infuse a rare into a Leg­endary or an Exot­ic, it will cost 1,000 Glim­mer and 4 Leg­endary Shards. Infus­ing a Leg­endary into anoth­er Leg­endary only cost 500 Glim­mer and 1 Shard. When infus­ing a Leg­endary or Exot­ic into anoth­er Exot­ic, it only cost 500 Glimmer.

 4. Shaders

Rare and Leg­endary shaders have a gap too, but it’s not as ridicu­lous as the mods. Uncom­mon (green) and rare shaders only cost 250 Glim­mer to put on a piece of Armor. It takes 1,250 Glim­mer for a rare shad­er on your Weapon. Leg­endary shaders usu­al­ly look bet­ter and Bungie def­i­nite­ly slapped a high­er price tag to it. 750 Glim­mer to equip it to any piece of Armor and a whop­ping 3,750 to put on a Weapon. As Devrim Kay would say, pricey indeed.

5. Spar­row and Ship Shaders

Now Spar­rows and Ships have the some of the most expen­sive tags for apply­ing shaders. It’s kind of ridicu­lous when you have to spend so much to get decent mods for your char­ac­ters, and make them look good. If you are lucky enough to get a decent Spar­row or Ship from Tess, why would­n’t you want to deck it out a lit­tle? Well, it’s going to cost you.

A rare Spar­row Shad­er cost 3,750 Glim­mer. That’s the same amount as a Leg­endary Shad­er for a Weapon. A Leg­endary shad­er cost a grand total of 11,250 Glim­mer… you could re-skin your char­ac­ter a few times for that price.

All the Expenses of Destiny 2: What You Should Spend Your Glimmer On All the Expenses of Destiny 2: What You Should Spend Your Glimmer On

Ships are a tad worse, because they don’t just have Shaders, they have Trans­mat Effects too. So to pimp your ride, at the bare min­i­mum, will cost you 5,250 Glim­mer. That’s 5,000 to apply a rare Shad­er and 250 to apply rare Trans­mat Effect. Leg­en­daries are astro­nom­i­cal­ly high. A Shad­er cost­ing 15,000 to put on, and a Trans­mat cost­ing 5,000.

6. Cayde‑6 is Your Best Friend

Cayde is the only Van­guard Guardian that you can pur­chase any­thing from and he sells some use­ful items. The num­ber one item Cayde sells is Trea­sure Maps to his stash­es. They are always locat­ed on what­ev­er des­ti­na­tion the Flash­point is on for that week. You will see them on your map when you arrive. They cost 4,800 a map and there are 5 of them. You have a much high­er chance of get­ting Exot­ic engrams to drop out of these stash­es, so it’s worth your Glimmer.

All the Expenses of Destiny 2: What You Should Spend Your Glimmer On

The sec­ond item, which you can see above the Trea­sure Maps, are Scout Reports. These are not as impor­tant as the Trea­sure maps, but with all the Glim­mer that you spend these are an easy way to make it back. Scout Reports cost 1,250 a piece, each one help­ing you find loot chests on all 4 des­ti­na­tions: EDZ (Euro­pean Dead Zone), Titan, Nes­sus, and Io.

All the Expenses of Destiny 2: What You Should Spend Your Glimmer On

So there you have it! All the many expens­es of Des­tiny 2. Some way more use­ful than oth­ers and hope­ful­ly you got some­thing help­ful out of this list. As you can see, there are tons of ways to spend your Glim­mer even if your char­ac­ters are at max Light Lev­el. Lets just hope Bungie low­ers some of the cost, because the grind for Glim­mer can be some­what of an annoyance.

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