What To Expect In The Call Of Duty WWII Beta

The Call Of Duty WWII beta is now pre-load­ing and the beta start­ing Fri­day. Today The Playsta­tion blog gave us a look at what we can expect from the beta.

You can get access to the COD WWII pri­vate beta by pre-order­ing either dig­i­tal­ly from your con­sole or from select retail­ers. Once you pre-order you will be giv­en a code, either emailed to you or print­ed on the bot­tom of your receipt. Once you receive your pre-order code go to The Call Of Duty beta site and enter the pre-order code and select your plat­form, your plat­form spe­cif­ic code will be emailed to you. Dig­i­tal pre-orders will not receive a code, you just have to search for the beta on the con­sole’s dig­i­tal store.

What To Expect In The Call Of Duty WWII Beta

The Pri­vate beta has been split into two week­ends, The first week­end is exclu­sive to the PS4 while the sec­ond is avail­able on both Xbox One and PS4.

  • Week­end 1 starts at 10am Pacif­ic / 5pm GMT on August 25 and will last until August 28 at 10am Pacif­ic / 5pm GMT. This week­end is for Playsta­tion 4 users only.
  • Week­end 2 starts on 10am Pacif­ic / 5pm GMT on Sep­tem­ber 1, and will last until Sep­tem­ber 4 at 10am Pacif­ic / 5pm GMT. This Week­end Xbox One users get to jump in to the beta.

The beta will fea­ture 3 mul­ti­play­er maps,

Ardennes For­est: Bat­tle through the frigid snow-cov­ered for­est of the Ardennes dur­ing the Bat­tle of the Bulge, the bru­tal final major offen­sive effort by the Ger­man army to punch through the Allied front lines. Engage­ments are fast and dead­ly in the dan­ger­ous, frozen wood­land ruins. Stay alert in this medi­um size map for­ti­fied with emplaced MG42 machine guns wait­ing to anni­hi­late ene­my combatants.

Gibral­tar: Bat­tle through the for­ti­fied bas­tion and steep cliffs of Gibral­tar, built as a strate­gic defense of the Mediter­ranean Sea and a major refu­el­ing and sup­ply sta­tion for the Allied forces dur­ing WWII. Pre­pare for mul­ti­level com­bat engage­ments and treach­er­ous ter­rain in one of the most dense­ly guard­ed and fought over places in Europe. Don’t neglect the low­er lane, and use the defense bat­ter­ies there to pick off flankers.

Pointe du Hoc: Fight through a for­ti­fied net­work of Ger­man bunker com­plex­es atop the cliffs at Pointe du Hoc, an impor­tant strate­gic tar­get over­look­ing the beach­es of Nor­mandy. Engage in fast-paced, close-quar­ters com­bat in the trench­es, or flank the ene­my in a bru­tal fight to lock down the near­by farm­house and bunkers for con­trol of key access routes to the bluff.

War mode will also be appear­ing dur­ing the beta, play­ers will have to work togeth­er to fight off the ene­my team while defend­ing mis­sions cru­cial to vic­to­ry. Play­ers will bat­tle it out in the French vil­lage west of St. Lo.

Fight for con­trol of a war-torn French vil­lage west of St. Lo, an impor­tant oper­a­tion in the Allied push onward and out of the beach­head at Nor­mandy. Allied and Axis forces bat­tle for con­trol of a strate­gic man­ner to secure a for­ward oper­at­ing posi­tion. Bridge con­struc­tion, ammo depot demo­li­tion and tank escorts are key strate­gic tasks in this do-or-die mis­sion to dom­i­nate the ene­my. Choose your equip­ment wise­ly – every deci­sion can mean the dif­fer­ence between vic­to­ry and defeat in this nar­ra­tive-dri­ven, objec­tive-based mul­ti­play­er expe­ri­ence – a first for Call of Duty.

If you want to read The Playsta­tion blog post, head over here to read it in its entirety.

Call Of Duty WWII will be avail­able Novem­ber 2017 for The Playsta­tion 4, Xbox One and PC.

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