Epic Reveals Some Upcoming Changes to Fortnite Mobile

Not only is Fort­nite extreme­ly pop­u­lar, its become quite a fad for peo­ple who enjoy play­ing on their mobile phones. Today, Epic released what their plans are for the mobile ver­sion of the game. They also announced that Fort­nite will final­ly be com­ing to Android. The devel­op­er also men­tioned some issues they are cur­rent­ly try­ing to resolve, or improve upon.

After so many requests for a cus­tomiz­able HUD, Epic did add it for mobile play­ers in a patch last week. 

Cus­tomiz­able HUD In-Game

Epic Reveals Some Upcoming Changes to Fortnite Mobile

Cus­tomiz­able HUD Blueprint

Epic Reveals Some Upcoming Changes to Fortnite Mobile

You can see what to expect for the future of mobile, straight from the words of Epic them­selves, below:

Voice Chat

We know that com­mu­ni­ca­tion is key when you’re squadding up for that Vic­to­ry Royale, so we’re work­ing to bring voice chat to mobile. On top of that, you’ll be able to chat with your team­mates regard­less of platform!

We’re also look­ing to make it real­ly easy to mute your­self, oth­er play­ers, or open up all com­mu­ni­ca­tions with a sim­ple tap. There will be a but­ton on the screen that lets you mute your­self, mute every­one in your par­ty, or go back to open-microphone.

Gameplay and Controls

We’re con­tin­u­ing to work on improve­ments. Some upcom­ing exam­ples include improv­ing Autorun and adding bet­ter ways to fire. Once we roll out these changes, we’ll add options to the set­tings so you can try them out and see what works best for you!

Installation Size and Update Experience

We are aware of the large instal­la­tion size of Fort­nite on mobile and are work­ing to reduce that size. Over the next few updates we’ll be com­press­ing the size down while main­tain­ing per­for­mance. We’ll be mak­ing over­all patch sizes small­er and adding the abil­i­ty to down­load the con­tent in the background!


Fort­nite is com­ing to Android!

We are tar­get­ing this sum­mer for the release. We know many of you are excit­ed for this release, and we promise that when we have more infor­ma­tion to share, you’ll hear it from us first.

Game Performance

We see some areas where game per­for­mance can can be improved. We’re fix­ing code to opti­mize the expe­ri­ence (e.g. increase graph­ic qual­i­ty), as well as adding a Bat­tery-Saver mode which will allow you increased per­for­mance if you choose to low­er the graph­ic qual­i­ty. It’s our first imple­men­ta­tion of this option and we’ll con­tin­ue to improve upon it.


Many of you have asked for stat track­ing on mobile. We are work­ing to improve our stats servers so we can han­dle many more play­ers, includ­ing those on mobile. We’re look­ing to enable this some­time this sum­mer, once we are con­fi­dent the improve­ments are per­form­ing up to our expectations. 


Final­ly, sta­bil­i­ty is still one of our chief con­cerns. With every update we’re work­ing to fix crash­es and oth­er issues as you report them. If you’re reg­u­lar­ly run­ning into sta­bil­i­ty issues, please let us know using the “Feed­back” but­ton in-game.

Source: Epic

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