Dur­ing the EA Play 2020 stream, the gam­ing giant out­lined a plan for the Nin­ten­do Switch. EA has­n’t been releas­ing a ton of their games to Nin­ten­do plat­forms in the past few gen­er­a­tions, but this seems to be changing.

EA stat­ed they’ll be releas­ing sev­en titles in total on the Switch, over a 12-month peri­od. None of these games were announced dur­ing EA Play, but the amount they have planned is aston­ish­ing since few EA games are avail­able on Switch. 

We do know that FIFA 21 is con­firmed for the Switch and Burnout Par­adise Remas­tered launched on the Switch yesterday.

This isn’t the first time EA expressed inter­est in bring­ing games to the Nin­ten­do Switch. Dur­ing an investors call ear­ly on in the year, the pub­lish­er stat­ed it had a plan to do just that, although specifics were not giv­en. Now there is some­what of a bet­ter under­stand­ing of how many games, but noth­ing that’s been named.